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Well Crafted: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s Dimples, Biceps


He makes us smile for reasons we can’t succinctly summarise. Image: Michael Regan/Getty Images Europe.

Archie O’Hara Throws Down The Temper Tantrum Gauntlet At The May Fair Hotel


Jamie O'hara son child footballer wife wives girlfriends

Image: @MissDLloyd.

Jamie O’Hara and Danielle Lloyd’s insanely adorable son Archie was caught disturbing the peace at the five star London establishment on Saturday.


Emmanuel Adebayor: Crimes Against Fashion Captain


Emmanuel Adebayor enjoyed a night at the Rose Club in Mayfair, London, UK Sunday evening. He was driven to and fro in his Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe by a friend. Must be nice.

Opportunity Knocks: Are You The Next Sara Carbonero?


Are you a Kickette Cadet with worldly interests way beyond your 12-16 years? If so, why not take the opportunity to make some use of your energy instead of wasting it perving over hot boys?

The FA WSL (Women’s Super League) are working with ESPN to find the next generation of TV sports reporter. All you have to do is make and upload an original, single-camera 60-second video report on a recent sport event to your own YouTube account and then visit www.fawsl.com to find out how to submit the URL.

Presumably it needs to be a proper sports report, and not badly filmed outburst of a drunken Kickette staffer crying into her beverage because Sergio Ramos will never love her. There’s a reason why we’re here writing this and not presenting for a living, if you haven’t caught on by now.

And remember, if you’re really good, you might get to follow in the footsteps of Sara Carbonero (or Rebecca Lowe). We all know what happens to her after major sporting events, so good luck!

We swear no one paid us to write this; we genuinely want to see one of our readers ascend to presenter greatness (mainly because we’re wildly competitive and loathe losing, but still). Image: © PA Photos.

WAG Tag Watch: Christine Bleakley


Christine Bleakley joined a shortlist of footballers’ partners who reject their WAG titles by claiming to be “fiercely independent” in an interview with The Mail on Sunday’s Live Magazine. If you’ve not read the whole thing, allow us to sum it up.