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Off Pitch Exploits: Good Week/Bad Week


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Breakfast In Bed, Craig Levein’s: Speaking about his unofficial role as the Scotland NT manager’s pet player, James Morrison confirmed to The Telegraph“That’s all I can say. I give him breakfast in bed.” To keep things in context, Morrison admitted his gaffer might play favourites with him, but it’s only ‘cos he needs the confidence. Yeah. Sure James. Whatever you say.


Roman Abramovich: Cash, Cakes & Slices


Image: Gavin Rodgers/AP.

Last week, beyond-wealthy-beyond-hairpieces Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich, won a high court action against his Russian oligarch rival, Boris Berezovsky, over a disputed £3bn debt. An infiinite number of accusations were lodged against Mr Abramovich, the most entertainingly petty one was that he often frequented Pret A Manger alone at lunchtime so he could eat a hummus wrap and a £1 carrot cake in peace.

Oh, Roman. As a loyal patron of Pret you should obviously know that, when faced with a difficult dessert decision, logic always suggests choosing a love bar over a carrot cake slice.


Dirk Kuyt: When All Else Fails, Fancy Dress Doesn’t


ex liverpool footballer club magazine cover photo shoot model ball

Images: KCKRS, Tumblr.

We look forward to seeing more photos from Dirk Kuyt’s feature in Fenerbahce’s magazine so that the inevitable speculation about his attendance at Liverpool’s annual fancy dress Christmas party can begin in earnest.

Carly Cole: On Twitter? Expecting Another?


Maybe you have noticed that Carly Cole, wife of Joe, is on Twitter Kickettes?

Don’t beat yourselves up, we didn’t either.

Reader Soledad writes in:

“There have been many fakes before, all posting what seem to be private pics, but they all disappeared. Now there is a new one, and she claims to be having a new Cole baby next month.”

Hmmm….first time we’re hearing this news, but could in theory make sense, since Carly has been missing in action since Joey moved their family to France last August.

What about the rest of our Kickette Army? Can anyone confirm or deny if the Cole brood is expanding? If Carly is expected to pop sometime soon, will baby number two set a new world magazine cover record (stealing the crown from his/her older sister Ruby, who made her Hello! debut at 10 days old)?

Courtney Meppen-Walter: Driving School Success Story?


Image: Rochdale Driving School. H/T Popbitch.

On Rochdale Driving School’s website, a few of its brightest students – along with their achievements – are showcased as a testament to its “great value driving lessons”. If you scroll to the fifth satisfied customer down, you might even recognise Manchester City’s Courtney Meppen-Walter standing in front one of the Vauxhall Corsas the school has in its fleet. He, like others, is commended for passing his driving test on his first try.

Mr Meppen-Walter was arrested by police on Saturday night for suspicion of causing death via dangerous driving.

For the sake of the loved ones who tragically passed, Rochdale may want to reconsider striking Courtney from their “top quality tuition for just £15 per hour” hall of fame. Just a thought.