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Kai Rooney: Nou Reason To Panic


Truth be told, little Kai has quite the kit collection for a kid his age. Image: WENN.


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Spare a thought for this Manchester City photographer, who was (jokingly) accosted by Mario Balotelli in the tunnel whilst on her knees.

That reads a helluva dirtier than we intended it to.


Monday Night Football: Frustrating ‘Fros


Image: ANDREW YATES/AFP/GettyImages; Michael Regan/Getty Images.

The owner/occupier of the EPL’s biggest mess of a mane (Timmy Howard’s words, not ours!) rose above the United defence to score the only goal of last night’s Everton vs. Manchester United game, and despite rocking United’s new gingham get-up which we don’t hate quite as much now, neither Rooney nor Robin could do a damn thing about it.

While we’re on the subject of overwhelming hair in the United defence, we were rather perturbed by Nemanja Vidic’s sudden regrowth. Just how did his follicles go from freshly buzzed to fully overgrown bush? You know Kickettes, come to think of it, fur doesn’t grow on metal.

Hmmm, just how indeed.

Transfer Totty: Short & Sweeties


Update: Espanyol completed the signing of Portuguese winger Simao Sabrosa from Turkish giants Besiktas yesterday; Daniele De Rossi confirmed this morning that he won’t fly the AS Roma coop for Man City, causing our eyes to well up in sentimental glee; and Luka Modric is/was isn’t reportedly in Madrid to finalize his move from Tottenham to the reining La Liga champions side.

In football fan terms: this is exciting, sensational stuff.

In Kickette terms: Simao and DDR are (still) hot while Modric is (still) not good-looking. Whatsoever. Real talk, Kickettes.

Alex Song: Superficial Musings About Barcelona’s New Signing


Images: David Ramos/Getty Images.

Why is the state of Alex Song’s hair “don’t” not coming up in any relevant discussions? Across the web you can read about conspiracy transfer theories, this past weekend’s results and how to spot a knock off handbag. Yet nary a single person or pundit is (correctly) questioning what in the world was happening on the head of still-sizzling-in-spite-of-the-poorly-designed-and/or-executed do, Alex, at his official Barcelona presentation earlier today.

Kickettes, clearly the ownness falls on you to discuss. Do us proud, please.

And on a more serious note: Arsenal fans, is the 2012/13 football season breaking your heart faster than you can say “chewing gum on my Louboutins”?