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Take Your Pick: Treatment Table Totty


Gimp walkers, fear not. We still have love for you! Image: CHRISTOF STACHE/AFP/GettyImages.

As we head into one of the more exciting parts of the footie season, let’s take a moment to think of the many players who can only sit injured and frustrated on the sidelines.

From Jack Wilshere to Chris Smalling, through Martin Caceres and Julio Baptista, the list of cuties without a presence on the pitch offers plenty to choose from. Naturally, we’re waiting in the wings ready to don our nurse’s uniforms once we get the go ahead, but rehabilitating the injury-cursed back to health can’t be a one-staff show.

There’s more than enough players in plaster needing your tender love and care to go around – some may even comply with your backless hospital gown requests. So who gets your vote for the hottest hurtie on the treatment table?

Robin van Persie: Once An Adorkable, Now A Red Devil


Image: NBA Photoshops via ESPN.com.

The van Persie family is officially headed north for McMansions and WAG inner circles anew. Not totally sure how Arsenal fans are taking the news, but we’re confident they’ll let the Dutch international know when they travel to Old Trafford on 3 November and again when their former captain returns to Emirates Stadium for the first time as a visitor on 27 April. Our guess is it will take some loudly orchestrated boos from the crowd, pushy shovey action on the pitch and team-wide shirtless exchanges after each match before bygones will be bygones.


Now, let’s try erasing the months of this back and forth transfer saga that took years off our lives and the high sheen gloss off our love for RvP as we wave buh-bye.

Jose Mourinho: Call Me ‘The Only One’


Image: AP Photo.

Real Madrid’s manager wants to kick his self-annointed ‘Special One’ title to the kerb, y’all.

Can you believe it?


QOTD: Landon Donovan On Money, Power & Respect


When I was younger, I was motivated by different things. I wanted to score all the time, I wanted to be famous, I wanted to be popular, I wanted to make money. I wanted to do all of those things, but at the end of it all, those things don’t do a lot for you.”

Landon, trust us. You’re obviously doing it wrong. Let us guide you.

Shovies & Ouchies: Christian Fischer & Fernando Torres


Image: AP Photos.

Getting injured on the job is never fun. In some cases, a minor bump, scratch or hanged nail can turn into a disaster of epic proportions.