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Travel Totty: Joe Hart v Micah Richards


Two of our favourite Manchester City boys headed through the airport arrivals lounge this weekend. Let’s judge them and their style choices, shall we?

Joe Hart: we love his dedication to keeping the Louis Vuitton protected in plastic from any airborne germs, viruses or human hands; have always liked the Nike ninjas on boys and think he’s the only one in the entire country who can wear a cap sideways and not make us stabby.

Micah Richards: since we know what this man is packing under those clothes, it’s hard to remain impartial, but we love MR’s laid back look; highly approve of his Louis V in Damier Graphite case, and like the choice of sneaks. He gets our vote for today.

Who’s your pick for best traveling totty, Kickettes?

Torres In Training: Further Proof We Make Bad Career Choices


YouTube Preview Image

Lord knows we don’t feel like working today, so in the name of half-arsed news reportage (literally), here’s Fernando Torres getting jabbed in the bottom whilst glute training.

We’re off to the job centre. We are more than qualified to poke Nando’s butt cheeks for pay, thank you very much.

Thanks C!

Joe Cole: Some Lucky iPad Has A New Owner


Liverpool’s Joe Cole has just bought an iPad! Yes, this qualifies as news. Have you joined all the other sheep at the Apple store and picked up yours yet, Kickettes?

Golf Break: Steven Gerrard With Laura Davies


It’s pre-season, Stevie! Shouldn’t you be stripping off and being sprayed down with oil whilst doing interlocking crunches and intense stretches with your teammates? (Isn’t that how all training sessions go? Seriously?) The Liverpool captain was out in Southport at the 2010 Ricoh Women’s British Open.

On Tour: Striking A Pose At The Space Station


Despite being surrounded by the most sophisticated technology in the modern world, Edwin Van Der Saar (Man Utd), Shalrie Joseph (New England Revolution) and Giggsy (Man Utd) struggle not to snigger at the fact that the image behind them looks a bit like a large penis. Image via Reuters.