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Portsmouth FC: Not Much Left In Our Size


Nothing like getting to a Harrods 50% off shoe sale late, when the hardcores have been at it for an hour and folks are getting desperate.  Part “pin the tail on the donkey”, part rodeo, women and children are no longer guaranteed safety first. You know the drill.

Seeing Portsmouth FC’s upcoming season line-up on their website has left us with a sense of post-sale ennui. Much like discovering there are only clodhopper sizes in your favourite S/S butterfly Miu Mius when you know that lanky chick at the cash desk has smuggled the last pair in a human size behind the counter for herself, our emotions have transitioned into disbelief.

We’ve been contemplating if the club’s official Web site is just joshin’ with us or not, though after seeing Daniel Taylor’s tweet, we’re now creeping into the depression/regret/angst phase. While we’d rather say it ain’t so, we think this first team photo is legit.

Still, like every epic shoe sale there’s pros and cons to both of these situs:

Pro: The squad does have at least 11 players to field a starting squad/With annual sales, there’s always next year.

Con: Unfortunately, a goalkeeper doesn’t seem to be included in that mix as of yet / Annual sales only occur once a year. Damn you tall bish with the employee discount.

Chin up, Pompey supporters!

Dapper Demi-Gods: Dolce & Gabbana To Outfit Chelsea FC, Do Away with Frank’s Denim


File photo of our favourite Lampsy denim mishaps.

As we mentioned on Twitter yesterday (seriously? you still haven’t hopped that bandwagon?) – Italian fashion design duo, Dolce & Gabbana announced details of their recently penned 3 year deal to outfit London-based Chelsea FC in a variety of fashionable Stamford Bridge-home and Movida/Chinawhite-away kits.

Designed by footballer-friendly Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana themselves, the same team that dresses David Beckham, AC Milan in addition to a star-studded Hollywood entourage of supporters, there’s two looks you should care about most:

A) Exclusive, dark blue three-piece travel suits

B) A pair of five-pocket, blue denim jeans with a button-down blue poplin ‘Martini’ shirt, and black calfskin trainers (Ed Note: if there’s one thing this batch of historically bad behaving ‘ballers DON’T need, it’s clothes named after their cocktails).


The Sizzle Query: Cute Poppets Edition


Havard Nordtveit (left) & Vujadin Savić. Images: Getty Images via Daylife, arsenal.com & girondins.com

Once again, it’s time to advise you of the latest developments in the cute poppet market and canvass your opinion regarding suitability for future inclusion on these hallowed pages.

It’s a duuurty job, but we know you’re up for the judgement of innocent mancandy.


High Street Stroll: Tim & Rebekah Cahill In Liverpool


Everton’s resident hottie, Timmy Cahill and wifey Rebekah hit the high street in Liverpool this weekend to do a little shopping. We’re not entirely sure, but we think Tim grew an extra ab muscle. Just a guess.

But now: You know what we’re going to ask, right?

Would you?

No, not Tim – we all quite clearly know the answer to that question.

We want to know if you would wear that jumpsuit. Do tell.

City Tour: Shaun Wright-Phillips & Wayne Bridge In NYC


The Manchester City crew are in the States as part of their American tour, and the team stopped off to eat at Bagatelli for lunch on Saturday. We’re not even going to ask why besties SWP and Bridgey are dressed like twins, but we will say we’re feelin’ the headwear Wayne’s sporting. He’s kinda fly, no?