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Freeness! Win A Day Out At The Emirates


After several hours in the club rickshaw, the Arsenal squad remained unconvinced by Arsene’s new ‘environmentally friendly’ travel policy.

Kickettes sporting secret Gunners tattoos in places you think we don’t know about: this one is for you.

We’ve got 5 pairs of tickets to give away to Arsenal’s upcoming “Members Day” at the Emirates on the 5th August. Despite this being a private event only open to those with membership, Kickettes with meticulously maintained bronzed heads of Thomas Vermaelen will now be able to get up close and personal with the Coffin hottie himself, too.


Walk This Way: Manchester United In NYC


Images: Getty Images North America via Zimbio

Currently stateside on a pre-season tour, selected Manchester United players travelled to Madison Square Park in New York yesterday afternoon for a charity contest in support of UNICEF.

At this point it would be normal (and polite) practice to give you the deets of the Hublot Manchester Utd Million Dollar Challenge, but we know you can get that info from practically anywhere else if you want it. Wouldn’t you rather look at photos of the boys walking down a green carpet and enjoy our cod psychology musings? Thought so!

Above, we see Paul Scholes exhibiting the purposeful gait and tunnel vision of a man who would rather be anywhere but here. Despite the obvious joy of the crowd, the notably shy Scholes-meister is apparently desperate to get his walk of shame over with, the tongue peeking out of the side of his mouth an indication of the effort involved.
Think on, Kickettes.


Footballers & Fans: When Worlds Collide


Images: REUTERS, Marca.com.

While we know that footballers love their fans, we’re aware that they prefer to do the old ‘meet n’greet’ thang in carefully controlled circumstances. There are, after all, loony people wandering the streets, just waiting for an opportunity to athletically leap across the table and commit unspeakable acts involving massage oil and cake. But more on them later.


Summer Rankings: EPL WAGs Style Study


After the epically entertaining circus that descended on Baden-Baden for the 2006 World Cup, it would have taken a miracle from the Gods of Cristal to give us a repeat performance from the English WAGs for the 2010 event.

As we all know, the GoC were clearly cross with us for the amount of champagne spillage that occurred at Kickette HQ over the years, and as such, there was 1. Nary a table danced on; 2. No outrageous shopping sprees and; 3. South Africa did not have to start selling endangered wildlife in exchange for crates of booze.

Since we were terribly deprived of any decent WAG shenanigans at this year’s World Cup, let’s check in with what a few of the EPL WAGs have been up to this summer, shall we?

Pictured above, Alex Gerrard has returned from her hols in Portugal and Ibiza with hubby Steven, and is sporting what we must (shamefully) admit is a killer tan. She headed out to restaurant San Carlo in Liverpool for a meal with some girlfriends on Saturday night, and wore a Temperley London tunic tucked into on-trend denim shorts with a studded clutch from Topshop and a pair of KG by Kurt Geiger platform sandals. As per usual, her legs look about 10 miles long and we love the outfit. Fair play, Alex. Grade: A


Joe Cole: From London To Liverpool


Chelsea boy and complete cutie Joe Cole is heading to Liverpool. We’re most thrilled at the idea of his lovely wife Carly’s well-documented shopping skills hitting the Cricket boutique.