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Nemanja Vidic: Playtime Pal


Manchester United defender, Nemanja Vidic, visited the Manchester Health Academy on Friday, 7th May. He’s in there somewhere, honest. Image via MUFoundation.org

Kickette Catch-Up: A Thorough Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Images via Hola! magazine, AS.com, Getty Images Europe


- The Beckhams treated their trio of boys to the Jonas Brothers’ summer tour kick-off concert in Los Angeles. Romeo Beckham (above) demonstrated how to properly wear one summer staple: white sunglasses. Chic in his own right, Cruz Beckham chose eccentric red shades to go with his uniquely suave hairstyle.

- We launched our Facebook page! No, we don’t know how to use it. But a little thing like that shouldn’t stop you from adding us…

- Weekend Gossip regular Cheryl Cole took to the Berlin stage Saturday evening in her visually displeasing costumes. She also treated some lucky fans to autographs while passing through Zurich airport. Has news of Ashley’s toilet cubicle mate caught up with her yet?

- An enraged Malaga fan tossed a water bottle at Cristiano Ronaldo’s head as he exited Real Madrid’s away game travel bus. Some Kickette staffers found his method of duckery humorous.


Welcome To The Guest List: Sara Pastasauce and Christine Bleakley


Real Madrid WAG

Images via Hola! magazine, Getty Images Europe, GQ Sport magazine

Some sloppy WAGabee soiled our red velvet ropes over the weekend, allowing two ladies we’re not-so-thrilled about to bypass the “WAG Club” bouncers.

First, Iker Casillas and Sara “Pastasauce™” Carbonero played tonsil hockey in plain sight of the public, much to the disdain of our telly screens. Then, they were spotted hand.in.hand at the Alejandro Sanz concert.

While carbs are banned in our South Beach Diet-loving flats, and even though we formerly refused to accept her as one of our own, Pastasauce’s ability to withstand Iker’s dating ADD enabled her to swindle our clipboard gal into WAG Club main bar entrance.

Don’t worry, we’ve fired our internal failure. In the meantime, this no cover charge/no queues access bears no resemblance to an unrestricted Kickette WAG Club membership. Rather, Sara is on a probationary, VIP-exclusions basis, of course.


Chelsea FC: Winners Take All


John Terry, John Terry’s short tent & Frank Lampard celebrate after Chelsea beat Portsmouth 1-0 at Wembley to lift the FA Cup and complete a historic league/cup double.

This sight (above) is becoming a little familiar, is it not? Barely a week after we provided you with innumerable happy snaps of Chelsea bubbas, ballers and exotic methods of drunken embarrassment prevention we’re obliged to go there again.

To be fair, Portsmouth winning the FA Cup after the season they have had would have been a fairy tale of epic proportions, but we feel their financial difficulties would have limited the after match celebrations to a couple of bottles of cheap white wine and a kebab.

Things were a little more ‘expensive’ for the Chelsea boys (and girls). After a celebratory open-topped bus celebration involving ill advised singing the team headed to poshola Knightsbridge restaurant Frankies and then to Whiskey Mist. It would appear that a good time was had by all.

Chelsea, we salute you. Again.  Got anything in mind for next season?

Suit Styles: Everton FC End of Season Awards


Now that the EPL season has drawn to a close, footballers can hang up their club kits in favour of awards season, evening attire. Having too many choices at our disposal renders our decision-making abilities useless. We’d argue the same for the players of Everton FC.

Attending their club’s annual end of season awards dinner at the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool, a few of the first-teamers demonstrated the variety of dress one may encounter at a “black tie optional” event.

In other words, this type of dress code has no limits or shame.

Simply Chic Suits
When in doubt, go the suit-and-tie route, as both Tim Cahill and Victor Anichebe illustrated.

Not only is Cahill supremely talented and good-looking, but he also dresses better than 90% of his competitors off the pitch. And, somehow, Anichebe makes a slightly stiff Windsor collar seem classically cool (as did John Heitinga). Without question, both players were the evening’s style stars.