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Bubbas & ‘Ballers: Everton FC


It should come as no surprise that we would lead the Everton FC baby parade with our oft-wished for personal mascot Tim Cahill. (By personal mascot, we mean personal love slave.)

Sorry. This is not that kind of post. Wrist slap for us, and let’s get to the celebration of good genes and good wallets.

Up first is Tim with his gorgeous son Shae (of concrete smashing fame).


Bubbas & ‘Ballers: Kai and Wayne Rooney


Since proud papa Wayne Rooney was parading baby Kai all over Old Trafford after United closed their season with a 4-0 win over Stoke City, we’re going to assume it’s safe for us to post this photo of the family without being sued.

Actually, we can’t make that assumption as the aforementioned pic has just mysteriously disappeared without a trace before we could nick off with it. So, instead we’ll go with this one. It’s still rather fabulous.

We know it’s plainly obvious, but we can’t help pointing out Kai’s wondrously marshmallow-like legs of chub which we would happily dunk in hot chocolate and consume 3x daily.

Keeping with the Footy Kids Are Superior In Cuteness To All Others theme, we include a snap of Ryan Giggs’s son Zach and his fab fauxhawk.

More footy babies to come!

Kickette Catch-Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet



- Cheryl Cole spoke to more! magazine, and revealed that she trusts “destiny and fate”, but not her hair. Chezza believes a bad hair day equals an all-around pissy day and went as far to say that she won’t leave the house if she’s worried about her hair. (Eds note: Except for this one time.) Head-against-the-wall type of statement to make if we’ve ever heard one.

- In April, Michael Ballack signed on to be the new face of L’Oreal’s Men Expert line, and thankfully we’ve not had to wait long to catch a glimpse of the Chelsea big man (literally – look at his nethers in those jeans) shilling shaving cream.

- Remember the Orlando Bloom dinner on offer at last week’s Arsenal charity dinner? Turns out skipper Cesc Fabregas was that auction’s highest bidder, and is gifting his winning prize to his sister, Carlota. Twenty other players gave £5,000 of their own money to the cause, helping to raise £450,000 at the gala for the Greater Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.

British WAGs- Who knew Nicola T. and Helen F. were such good mates? The Corrie star, and girlfriend of Wigan’s Scott Sinclair, was seen out wearing a t-shirt from her fellow WAG’s clothing range, Delicious Couture.

- Sthefany Brito may have realised the untimely error of her prenup ways as she’s seeking monthly spousal support from Pato to the tune of €50,000. Monthly. As in, every 30 days. Sthef argues that she had to “give up her career” for the marriage; however, Pato’s lawyer, speaking on his behalf, is said to be fighting the fee since “seven months of marriage does not ruin a career”. Hmm. Whose side to take?


The English Premier League: Chelsea FC Win The Title


Chelsea EPL Champs

After approximately twenty first half minutes of nail biting tension, Chelsea FC stormed to the EPL title yesterday afternoon, putting eight past a 10-man Wigan Athletic at Stamford Bridge.

With the matter firmly out of Manchester United’s hands, a simple 1-0 would have sufficed for the Blues, but we like to think they had half an eye on the Kickette coverage and scored a cheery eight to maximise their goal celebration potential.

And maximise it they did.


Red Carpet Ratings: Manchester United


On Tuesday night the Manchester United lads and their WAGs put on their finery and headed to Old Trafford for their annual Player Of The Year awards.

Fash-wise, it’s hard for the fellas to get it wrong in this situation. After all, their night likely consists of putting on the same tux they wear every year, making sure their lady doesn’t hit the bubbly too hard and not saying anything embarrassing when interviewed by the in-house TV channel.

The girls, however, have it much harder. A cracking outfit must be produced or they face ridicule from the masses. (Yes, we mean us.)

Fortunately for Ana Vidic (above) there is no ridicule to be had here. She looks stunning in a floaty blue dress with a killer pair of Jimmy Choo booties and matching clutch. Surely we can amend the F5 to include her too?  She gets top marks from us.

Click through to see the rest of our fashion grades.