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Well-Suited: Arsenal’s Charity Ball


The Gunners’ World Ball in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity and the Arsenal Charitable Trust. Emirates Stadium, Thursday 6 May. Photo courtesy Stuart Macfarlane/Arsenal Football Club

Could it be true, ladies? Is Arsenal’s midfielder and all round mad geezer, Andrey Arshavin, pinning the Kickette Award for total and utter wuvvley to the chest of Cescy Fabregas?

Well, in our dreams, yes he is. But you don’t want to venture in there as it’s too horrifying. Think: if LOST met Gossip Girl with a side of Harrods sale.

Back in the real world, tonight was the night of Arsenal’s Charity Ball at the Emirates Stadium, an event held in aid of UK charity, Great Ormond Street Hospital. The club is hoping to raise £300,000 towards a Lung Function Unit to help kids with cystic fibrosis, cancer and other conditions.


Steven Gerrard & Iker Casillas: A Wrinkle Above the Rest


Real Madrid goalkeeper

While we’re not negating Steven’s lock on the forehead fold category, Iker is presenting a strong case as to why he should join the attractive ranks. Let’s dissect what these men have on offer:

Steven Gerrard at the opening of his restaurant, Warehouse, in Liverpool
Gerrard’s “who do you think you are” wrinkles make us want to forever refer to him as Mr. Big Stuff. One only receives the wrinkles ‘o scowl unless you have truly irked this man. Like when he lost the shoe battle to Alex and was forced to wear the above weapons in public, which is now documented on paparazzi film much to his aggravation.

Other examples include: Alex talking to him as he is consuming footy and beer; either of his daughters in future asking him to meet their boyfriends for the first time.

Note: see pics of the whole Liverpool crew at Warehouse here. See Steven and his hot biz partner here.


Lazy Links & Randoms


You may have noticed we’ve been a little man-flesh heavy recently. While this isn’t necessarily a problem, an overdose of anything is bad for one’s health so we rather generously thought we would refresh your palates with some WAG goss.

Above, you will see Abbey Clancy shopping. For discount carpet. This is odd, but we’re prepared to overlook it on the grounds that it’s a relief to see a WAG doing something she is meant to be doing. Lately we have noticed an unnerving trend of WAG’s expending effort. Like real, proper effort. Marathon running, water skiing, competitive ballroom dancing. All worthy pursuits, we’re sure, but we hadn’t exactly factored this into our life plan. We were working the ‘get the man, get the car, get the house, get the ring, get all the handbags in the fugging world’ angle. Now we have to learn running too?


Victor Anichebe: Louis Vuitton Manbag Fan


Seen out in Liverpool’s city centre on April 18, we dutifully report that Everton striker Victor Anichebe slings his LV manbag to the right.

Welcome to the club, Vic. And keep up the quality side-eye work.

More images over at Dona de Bola

Weekend Results: A Tad Short On Skin


Having spent the weekend biting our nails over as yet undecided leagues, compiling the F5 results and giving ourselves the Jaffa Cakes shakes, things are a bit tense at Kickette HQ. We won’t deny it. Punches Words have been exchanged. Handbags have been thrown. Hip dips have been cried over.

In this kind of situation, usual advice would be to evacuate the area while the riot squad move in, but it’s way too late for that. Ladies, grab yourself a bucket of espresso, a nail file and a fistful of Inter Milan’s Marko Arnautovic (above) and follow us over the jump for more.

Psst. Better get out of the way, Marko, or we’ll consume you and your provocative little tummy like so much chocolate cake.