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Steven Gerrard: Pays His Respects


Steven Gerrard attends the 21st Anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster at Anfield. April 15, 2010. Image via Getty

Joe Cole: Put Up Your Dukes


Chelsea footballer Joe Cole bobbed and weaved around the ring yesterday with bright boxing gloves that matched his own icy blues.

On hand to show support for friend Kevin Mitchell, (who will be fighting Michael Katsidis on May 15th), Joe looked dayum good. No sign of new daddy wear and tear here, friends.

An avid boxing fan, he and wife Carly flew to Vegas last year to see the Hatton-Pacquiao boxing match in person. Clearly someone has been giving him pointers, as he tried on a variety of tough v. tender looks throughout the photo shoot.

Speaking of the photo shoot, which Joe Cole do you prefer? When you want your man to scare the heebeejeebies out of innocent passersby and pitbulls, you want option A. If you’re more into sunflowers, cinemas and the occasional spontaneous trip to EuroDisney, you’re better suited for option B.

Choose wisely, Kickettes.

Lazy Links & Randoms


Portuguese Premier League soccer match

- It’s about 10 weeks until summer officially starts and Sporting’s Grimi Damian reminds us that even sunscreen application is essential for protecting skin from harmful rays and avoiding public embarrassment.

- For the record, we have come to terms with the whole Frank Lampard/Christine Bleakley thing. Does this mean we are embracing Bleakers as Frankie’s lady? Mmm… kinda. Ish. Either way, we’re still irritated by the Daily Mail implying that the couple’s meal after Chelsea’s 1-0 EPL win over Bolton Wanderers last night was somehow spoiled by the presence of Christine’s mum. Did mother-in-law gags not phase out at the same time as working men’s clubs and comb-overs? Well, they should’ve.

- Meanwhile, a sneak preview of Chelsea’s new kit has become available. A+for the snug fit, but why have the players been forced to pose as Subbuteo players? Was it the same reason Nando was forced to pose as a lady in Liverpool’s new kit pics? We smell conspiracy theory.

- The Spoiler have moved slightly away from their hairy campaign and reverted to cutie pie pictures of ballers. However. The first thing we thought was how weird it was to see Wayne Rooney. With hair. That he didn’t draw himself.

- Here’s David Beckham in the 1990’s. Sigh. Those WAATP boys always know how to take care of us.


Weekend Results: Shirtless And Of Short Tent


FA CupIt’s been a mad shirtless and short tent weekend, ladies, and nowhere more so than in Portsmouth. Avram Grant’s side topped off a totally ridiculous season (unpaid wages, insolvency, this) by getting relegated from the EPL and then going to Wembley and qualifying for the FA Cup final. Goal scorer Kevin-Prince Boeteng (above) was pleased, and we were equally satisfied as Frank Lampard stripped off following Chelsea’s win over Aston Villa.  For their efforts, we’re renaming the FA Cup final the ‘Chest Championship’. Join our campaign, won’t you?


Reader E-mail Of The Day: ‘Nando ZOMG’


As you’ve heard us bitch and brag about before, our inboxes get flooded each morning from loyal readers and gossip tipsters. Depending on which side of the bed we woke on, some make us grizzly while others make us giddy with glee.

Since we don’t want to name names *cough cough* MB *cough cough*, we’ll just provide you with the choice quote (to go with the above Fernando Torres shot) which reminded us why we do this job each day. Modeling Liverpool’s latest kit, one reader and ‘Nando-appreciator had this to say:

Look at those cheekbones! Is he having to work weekends at the Birdcage to cover Rafa’s budget deficit?

If that wasn’t enough, another reader directed us to these shots of Fernando as father figure. So basically, all your cheekbone and reproductive fantasies have been covered in one fell swoop. Don’t thank us, thank them.

Link: Behind the scenes at kit shoot