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EPL Charity Caricatures: Slim and Stick Figure-Like (For the Most Part)


Source: Nordoff-Robbins Organization

Remember your primary school years? Where you would draw your family living in a one room shack, without shoes or clothes to claim? Seeing these EPL players’ smiley face and side profile drawings reminds us of how proud we once were to run home and brag about our future as the next Picasso/a.

Created for the Art of Football Book, these self portraits will be auctioned off at next Monday’s ‘Football Extravagana’ Event. Now in it’s 15th year, all proceeds from the FE event will benefit Nordoff-Robbins and provide vital funds for music therapy. If only Cesc included a flute in his drawing our lives would’ve been complete.

But the night’s festivities don’t stop at spikey stick hair. Eric Cantona will also attend the annual FE dinner to receive the prestigious ‘Legend of Football Award’. Other big names expected to be in attendance include Sir Alex Ferguson, Kenny Dalglish, Denis Law, Teddy Sheringham and Alan Shearer.

Besides the images seen here, we also snagged a sneak peak at two additional sketches.


Lazy Links & Randoms


Inter Milan Champions League

Photo via Getty Images Europe

- Who believes Jose was rudely awakened before he finished his nap?

- Speaking of grizzlies,The Spoiler is (quite admirably) campaigning to bring back the horrifying facial stuff. – now. Do we agree with this movement towards the hirsute or should it be washed down the plug hole like the scratchy old wisps that spawned it?

- Vital issues such as how to contain Leo Messi rage on, including his position in the ranks of world players evah and ownership (or not) of Kaka are all covered here & here. Funnily enough though, no one has suggested turning him into a piñata. Which might just work for us if Tootsie Rolls are involved.

- Jozy Altidore has quite a nice backstep. The U.S. NT member & Hull City star denied that he made comments slating England prior to the teams meeting in the group stages of the World Cup.

- Technology news now: Rafa’a new iPad is causing problems at Liverpool FC. We’re also on tenterhooks for the launch, but realistically the only thing the iPad will offer us is something extra to leave in a bar/club/train/dumpster.

- Meanwhile, more bad news for Liverpool fans.

- And Cescy.  Come round & see us, baby. We’ll take your mind off it…


Alan Smith: Breakin’ All The Rules


With promotion to the EPL confirmed this weekend for Newcastle United, we are thrilled to welcome the return to our radar of this man. Yes, it’s Alan ‘Smudger’ Smith, a man whose er… charms are abundant for all to see.

However, upon closer examination, we have noted that Alan has hidden talents too – namely the ability to make even the most horrifying grooming/fashion debacles look not only ok, but darn sexy.

Please, stroll with us and observe the evidence.

The Name ‘Alan’
The only other person foremost in our minds called Alan is comedy character Alan Partridge. And he’s a plonker. Not lovely, like this Alan.


Owen Hargreaves: Curly-Haired Charity Cutie


In mid-March, Owen Hargreaves and some of his Manchester United teammates lent their celebrity services in the name of charity.

Hargo was on hand to help launch Kickz, a Football Foundation scheme aiming to reduce crime by engaging young people in sports projects. He looked subtly sweet against the sea of shellacked makeup and shredded leggings.

Weekend Observations: Waistlines and Big Wins


AC Milan Marco Borriello

Who ate so much this past extended weekend that they have chocolate oozing from their pores?

That’s a trick question, since we all know the answer. Especially the elasticated waistbands we’re bringing back for spring/summer 2010.

Not sure about you, Kickettes, but the holiday-weekend-that-was reminded us that too much family time makes us feel as crabby as Marco Borriello looks. Thank goodness for the edge-of-our-seats series of footy matches fighting for our love and attention in equal amounts as a certain great aunt with a moustache.

Since we were recklessly hungover on Monday, enjoy our abbreviated weekend results/observations/offerings today: