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Variety Mix: The Friday “Easter Basket” Fit


Ronaldo and Evra

Since we’ve already hit a diabetic coma from the amount of Cadbury Mini Eggs we’ve scoffed (seriously, we need an intervention), we’re turning now to getting our Easter treats via fit men in bright knits. Luckily, Cristiano Ronaldo, Joe Cole and Patrice Evra’s man-candy is calorie-free.

May your long weekends be fun and footy-filled! We’ll be back to regular posting on Tuesday. Hopefully the high-Q shots of our nummy man-eggs (below) will hold you over ’till then.


Lazy Links & Randoms


Having only just recovered from the intense, fun-filled and good-spirited hilarity that is April Fools Day (anyone sensing a teensy bit of irony there?) we happened upon these where did I leave my meds images for the 2010 calendar from Italian side Napoli.

Though entertained, we would like to offer a note of caution: Anyone remember Swatch watches? They too were shiny, fashionable and very ‘European’ but in the end we realised they were basically inexpensive and made of plastic. We’re only saying.

The bellas at Straight-Up Serie A get full, awe-filled credit for the find.

- More Beck talk as Geri Halliwell puts her foot in it (like this isn’t going to come back and bite her) and a rumour circulates that DVB are trying for a little lady bubba. We’re sorry, but we had enough trouble dealing with this. The idea of David in a similar pose with daughter? Well, let’s just say there may be consequences.

- Not that we need any, but here’s a reminder that Abbey Clancy’s body is ridiculous. [via WAATP]


The Coles: The Cover-Up Continues


Champions League Results: Look-A-Like Thoughts & Yellow, Non-Mellow Reactions


Lisandro of Lyon Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas

Can anyone believe it’s April, already? Clearly, Cesc can’t.

Although yesterday we were recommending Abbey Clancy’s curry diet to drop a few extra kilos before the summer, we’ve since changed our minds. We are now fully on board with the Champions League weight loss method through extreme stress, adrenaline and nervous twitches. Hello, skinny jeans!

While you plan your bikini weeklies, feel free to have a look at our CL observations from the past two days. Meanwhile, we’re going to seek a live-in nurse to administer an IV of alcohol for the remaining portion of the tournament. Hey, we’re just following Lisandro’s orders to put our thinking caps on.


The Midweek Manlove: Get A Room (And Leave Us The Spare Key)


Images: AP Photo, Getty Images

It works like this: until we’ve figured out why the image of two grown heterosexual men fondling one another has quite the effect on our loins that it does, we’re duty bound to continue to supply these images to you. And don’t be mistaken, Kickettes, today’s manlove is double their fun, triple our pleasure.We’re gluttons for ravenous brotherly love.

On the left, we see the ever lovely Yoann Gourcuff (Bordeaux), who is so proud of his nipples he wants to show them to Lyon’s Jeremy Toulalan. Jeremy demonstrates his happiness at this by stroking them. A few days ago we might have said a tad over-friendly. Then this happened. Welcome to the new nipple-norm.

On the right, Bojan Krkic (Barcelona) plays an emotionally lovelorn senorita reduced to vertical tears when faced with teammate Andres Iniesta’s tantalizing touch. Bless.

Frank Lampard and John TerryFinally, did you guys always have a nagging feeling that the whole Frank Lampard/John Terry relationship was secretly one-sided? We did. That’s why it’s so good to see the two of them at-it-like-old-non-cheating-times. It’s just unadulterated manlove. And leave it to Frankie & JT to get. it. done.

So, whatddya say, ‘baller boys? Is it the ho-tel, mo-tel or Holiday Inn?