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Flashing Footballers: The War Against VPL


Thanks to our good friends over at the Arsenal FC Blog for the Nasri spot! Remember folks. If you send us a photo like this, we WILL name and shame. But our readers will adore you. It all evens out.

VPL. The enemy to self respecting footballers everywhere. Luckily, in this great fashion-forward day and age we live in, items like Spanx For Men are available to  quickly solve all down-under dilemmas.

Let us discuss in further detail:


‘Ballers Behaving Badly: Non-Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Too


Just when we thought cheating footballers would be hyper-sensitive to the eyes and ears and camera lenses around them, we have a trio of bad boys on the brink of relationship red cards.

Q: What do Patrice Evra, Carlos Tevez and Oliver Kahn have in common?

A: They all allegedly cheated on their significant others with blonde lady friends.

What’s worse:


Out & About: The Artetas in Liverpool


Images via Hola.com

Everton’s Mikel Arteta, wife Lorena and 8-month old baby Gabriel took to the Liverpool streets on Wednesday for some family bonding. We like this couple because they seemed to have achieved the golden couple trifecta: good looks, lots of money and an adorable bubba to keep the valued family surname going strong.

Eight months after baby and Lorena seems to be like the rest of us mortals when it comes to shedding that last stubborn stone.  Interesting to note that the Spanish WAGs seem to opt out of  the classic “starvation after delivery/the weight just dropped off, honest!” diet (ala Claudine Keane).

How do you feel about this one, Kickettes? Should WAGs rebound to their formerly svelte selves after they give birth? Or do we high five the couch potatoes of the world?

And how ticked off are you each month when the gym contract you committed to under the influence of a post-break-up hangover forces you to pay up for the training equipment you never have time to use?

Hat Trick Heroes: Nicklas Bendtner and Darren Bent


‘Ballers need breaks too, ya know. In fact, taking a mid-game breather on the pitch seems to be the preferred chillax method of treatment as of late.

Last night, in the midst of completing a Champions League hat trick against FC Porto, Nicklas Bendtner rested his head, shoulders, knees and toes. And although watching him trot around in those base layers leaves us feeling weak as well, the clear “money shot” provided Wednesday with the juice needed. Rando fact: last night’s three-goal effort was the first of Bendtner’s career. Are we the only ones demanding a repeat no pants dance party to celebrate?

In league news, Darren Bent helped Sunderland in the EPL table by scoring a trio of his own against Bolton. Just to reiterate, lying down after kicking pitch-arse is a very good look. So much so that we think both Bendtner and Bent are two fine recommendations for Dirty Tackle’s next installment of sleeping and/or napping ‘ballers; don’t you agree?

Through The Years: David Beckham Bromances


Some say David + Iker - Victoria = True Love. We say his return to Milan has reignited his interest in Marco Borriello much to the delight of our fangirl impulses.  Watching David and Marco flirt shamelessly through all of their matches gets our pulses racing the same way he and original love, Gary Neville, did in the late ’90s.

In honor of his return to Old Trafford tonight for the second leg of  the Milan v. Manchester United Champions League tie, we’re taking a trip down manlove memory lane. With each of his European teams, David’s had a hard time keeping his hands and heart to himself. Why don’t you join us in thinking fondly back to Beckham’s best bromantic moves?