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Mario Balotelli: The Meaning Of Mario


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There ain’t enough ‘time’ in the world to cover this issue thoroughly.

While the 12 November cover looks amazing, Balotelli’s really let his posture go, no?

Weekend Results: New Day, Same Complex


Image: Eric Christian Smith/Getty Images North America.

Usually we lean towards a ‘multitasking’ approach to the weekend matches; the tendency towards exhibition football by the bigger clubs allowing us to freely surf for handbags whilst keeping half an eye on the games.

Not to worry, though. We’ve compiled a short montage of this past’s key moments for our beloved Kickettes today.

And by key moments, we mean gratuitous shots of men focused on doing their jobs as professional athletes that we have turned into cheap, tawdry moments of objectification for our own amusement.


Andre Santos: There’s A Time & A Place For Shirt Stalking


Hey lads, did the connoisseur of dirty laundry teach you nothing? Image: Getty Images.

Andre Santos acted like an overly aggressive shirt swapping beaver, it was widely reported after halftime in Arsenal’s tie with Manchester United arsenal manchester united halftime shirts ritual thierry henry dirty laundry connoisseuron Saturday. Most thought the player should’ve had other important matters on his brain at the break besides seeing RvP bare-chested, but we were not one of them.

For those still striving for the silver lining here – the pair was photographed together mid-act, although van Persie failed to give his abs their due.


Would You: Swap Spots With Roberto Di Matteo?


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Note: This post is not intended for the purpose of inciting a heated debate on racism. Please stay on topic and keep your thoughts, comments PG-13 and non-attackful if you even care to share them.

For those propped up against their beds’ headboards, blissfully spooning their duvets and unaware of the outside world, Chelsea lodged a formal complaint with the FA against referee Mark Clattenburg last Sunday for what they believe was a racist insult aimed at John Obi Mikel during that day’s match versus Man United. While the club’s second complaint involving Juan Mata has since been dropped, Clattenburg’s already been relieved of this weekend’s duties – due to “scrutiny” said the FA – and the Metropolitan Police are now concurrently investigating the matter.


Midweek Results: The Wetter, The Better


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Images: AP Photo/Luigi Vasini; Getty Images Europe.

It’s not classy to have genuine, red-faced, vein-throbbing rows about football, which is why we’re usually happy to roll about in drenched-in-rain ‘baller frustration for hours to come.

But the combination of wet millionaires and clinging-on- for-dear-life kits? Mercy, this may take us days.

Were you over-awed or bored Wednesday’s various domestic action, Kickettes? Your thoughts on the Capital One Cup, if you will?