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Euro 2012: Last Day, Last Call


After their national team won its second straight Euro cup, we assumed Spain fans drunkenly flew home to shave their legs before hitting up Cibeles for the parade. Hmph! In any event, take a look back at Euro 2012 through the adidas football tumblr. Video: adidas football.

Anti-Boredom Material: Exclusive Spanish NT Parade Pics


Image Credit: Nicole Jewell. Do a drive by of her site, Pass The Ham, when you can Kickettes – we’d both very much appreciate it.

Fellow pleasure seekers, we’re thrilled to report that one of our loyal Kickette Army soldier girls, Nicole Jewell, has opened up her private portfolio of Spanish NT parade pictures for you all to see.

On behalf of everyone in our close knit community, thank you Nicole. We love you like Alex Gerrard loves pleather pants and fawn-coloured eyebrows. We may even love you more than ‘ballers love their webcams. That’s real love, Kickettes.

Without further ado, join us as we take a well-groomed and flexed ride around Madrid with a selection of our future bedroom conquests.

Pitter Patter: The Clichys, Mario Balotelli & Raffaella Fico


As Gaël Clichy’s wife Charlene Curic demonstrates, at this stage of one’s pregnancy (i.e., more than 1 hour) shopping is the only acceptable line of work. Seen nonchalantly strolling the streets of St Tropez over the weekend, we give this pair of parents-to-be another 4 months until they’re fiscally responsible for stocking another being’s walk in closet. Other stork delivery bets from our peanut gallery?

In other Man City ‘baller baby making news, Raffaella Fico confirmed that she and Mario Balotelli are expecting a child together (the first for each). In an interview with Chi magazine, the 24-year-old says she called Balotelli the day before Italy beat Germany to tell him and “first he was silent. Then he said `you have given me the best news in the world.”’ Although she broke things off with Super Mario in April due to his lack of monogamy, Fico also predicted that he’ll be “a great father…and life partner.”

Enjoy/swoon/appreciate the baby bumps, Kickettes. And certainly don’t forget to congratulate both couples on their happy news!

Euro 2012 Final: Just Another Day At The Office


Images: REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi.

Poor Italy. After their fantastic performance against the hotly tipped Germans, speculation abounded that Super Mario and his boys would have enough in the tank to ruin Spain’s plans for global domination.

The Spanish, possibly peeved by accusations that they were boring throughout the tournament however, took their über shiny A-game to Kiev and stroked their way into the history books by beating Italy 4-0. If you’re still under your duvets, that means they’re the first team ever in the history of the universe to win three consecutive tourneys.

Afterwards they brought their babies onto the pitch, which was precisely when we became the first people ever in the history of the universe to get pregnant by pictures.

Have a looky for yourselves, Kickettes. Even hardened hacks will be overwhelmed by the (updated with even more anti-birth control) cuteness.

Euro 2012 Semifinals: Wins, Woes & Wookies


Without sounding redundant, we’re experiencing a mammoth hangover overload that’s seriously interferring with our ability to sit in front of a computer and get motivated to write anything decent.

Curse you, Polish mystery liquid goodness.

While we slowly get ourselves back on track (no promises), take a photographic walk in our gladiator sandals.