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German NT: Missed Connections



Friday morning on our detoured way to work we noticed you – a stunning mix of blondes and brunettes at national team training, four of whom had exposed midriffs.

We were the fence-climbing pack of females merely following their evolutionary drives. Our eyes met yours as we were being escorted us off the premises. Lovely way to start the day, really.

Contact us if intelligent conversation and red wine is something everyone fancies?

Good Week/Bad Week: Kisses & Misses


Images: REUTERS/Eloy Alonso, Matt Cardy/Getty Images.

And finally, three hours after the rest of the competitors have dragged themselves over the week’s finishing line, Kickette staffers wheeze their way into the final straight.

Only a few more steps to go. Cheers us on, would you?


Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Premature Aging & Posh Preparations


Andrea Pirlo has beaten Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Serie A’s Player Of The Year in a Goal.com survey. Image: AFP PHOTO/JONATHAN NACKSTRAND.

Isn’t it about time some beauty guru/company created a miracle eye potion that truly erases the visible signs of aging (i.e. under eye bags and crow’s feet)? We plan on carting around some serious Zlatan-esque demarcations this weekend, so ideally this would happen sooner rather than later.

In Ibra’s case, let’s hope the VIP hotel super suite that Sweden specifically arranged for him and four other players (while the rest of its squad suffers in lower tier “common rooms”) comes complete with soft, non-skin tugging satin sheets.

Random Mancandy: Steven Gerrard & Santi Cazorla


We’re assuming that this is indicative of Roy Hodgson’s ‘thorough’ managerial approach to EURO 2012? Whatever it is, we heartily approve.

Lawdy, is it just us, or is there not a scrap of news, gossip or a decent chocolate martini to be found anywhere lately?

All right. An afternoon of decadent dining and designer shopping isn’t what we want to do, but if it helps beat the boredom, we guess we’ll go.

In the meantime, Kickettes, enjoy the random snaps of skin from Steven Gerrard and Santi Cazorla during NT training.

FEMEN: Topless Trophy Tipping


This woman resisting her suited male suitors is a member of the Ukrainian feminist movement FEMEN. FEMEN is kind of like Kickette, only they’re braver and less likely to be arrested for public disorder offenses. Their supporters have an aversion to wearing bras and enjoy throwing the EURO 2012 trophy around podia to protest against the upcoming tourney.

It isn’t so much the footy they have a problem with, but rather the massive boost any large gathering of blokes gives to the sex tourism industry.

While yesterday’s feisty escapade cooled as quickly as it started, the group’s past activities have seen the tables turned on them, with protesters ended up assaulted and threatened with violence. The fact that their penmanship is so pristine, their message placement so not crooked and that they’re prepared to risk this to spread their message has inspired us to launch our own #OccupyFootballersPants protest.

What do you think Kickettes? A worthy cause or a wasted effort (ours, not theirs)?