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England NT: Roy Hodgson Takes The Reins



You’ve got to hand it to the FA. After months of media speculation that practically rendered any application for the vacant England manager’s job moot (other than Harry Redknapp’s), they announce that Roy Hodgson signed a four-year-deal for the post – leaving pundits scandalised over their lack of pre-knowledge of the hiring.

Redknapp appeared to be the fan and media favourite following his clearance of those pesky tax evasion charges, so when Hodgson met with FA officials at Wembley this week, the peanut gallery was irritably apathetic at the change in course.

It’s a hard enough job at the best of times, but could a good performance in the EUROs be enough to sooth the media’s hurt feelings about being left out of the loop?

And what do you think about the appointment, ladies and gents?

Danish NT: Applying Pressure In The Wrong Areas


Oh come on. This is a blatant opportunity for a crotch grab and you know it. Image: Paul Gilham/Getty Images.

EURO 2012 news is coming at us from all angles and we’re welcoming it with open arms and jumpy claps.

The tournament topic of the day today focuses on the Danish FA, who have banned players from using Twitter throughout this summer’s competition.

First, what fun is that?!

Secondly, in our humblest of opinions, the Danish FA need to figure out how to prevent players from rioting in the team hotel and demanding snacks with menaces instead of ruining the Kickette Army’s chances of joining the team’s “open mic nights” via the social network.

But to each his/her own.

EURO 2012: England’s Three Lions


euros 2012 Gareth Barry John Terry euro tournament pose modelling ENT

Images via Daily Mail/Google.

Are England actually fielding lions in EURO 2012? Will crossing our fingers help our tournament prospects?

Happy St George’s Day to you and yours by the way!

EURO 2012: “The Match” Suspended?


Image: AP Photo/Central Partnership.

Before you ask, this is not the annual meeting of the Robin van Persie Vest Foundation. It is a still from the football movie ‘The Match’, which has reportedly had it’s release date frozen by Ukrainian authorities.

It’s feared that the film, which depicts the story of a football match in 1942 between Soviet soccer players and a team of Nazis, might stoke anti-German feeling before the tournament.

Presumably, Ukraine is hoping to avoid another public relations nightmare before co-hosting the event with Poland in June. Because that whole stray dog murdering thing was bad for business, ya know.

Slawomir Peszko & Marcin Wasilewski: You Booze, You Lose

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L to R we have the rather unfortunately named Slawomir, as well as his partner in crime, Marcin. Images via Reuters and Google.

On Saturday night, FC Koln’s Slawomir Peszko and Anderlecht’s Marcin Wasilewski partied the night away in Cologne, Germany. After last call, they got into a witty, drunken exchange with a taxi driver that ended with the pair being dropped off at the police station.

Is this news? Perhaps. The Polish national team’s coach, Franciszek Smuda, believes this is an al-key-hol scandal of ginormous proportions, after all.