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EURO 2012: An Accommodations Overview, France NT


Any conflict in the camp will be resolved with a cerebral game of chess. Any conflict over the rules of chess will be resolved by throwing hideous wooden chairs at one another. Image: Alexander KHUDOTEPLY/AFP/Getty Images.

Our exciting new series continues with a ‘going over’ of the EURO 2012 facilities that await the French NT.

Based in Donetsk, the Kirsha Training complex was specifically designed for the use of Ukranian league champs Shakhtar, who by the looks of things, like upsetting shades of green.

More importantly, though, is the place player-proof? Let’s have a look, shall we?


Good Week/Bad Week: Buffoonery & Bitchfacing


Don’t be misled, people. Despite Marco Borriello’s innovative approach to legwear, Roma’s Christmas party was not fancy dress. Luckily, other players performed marginally better in the fash stakes, as you can see here. Image via tumblr.

The party spirit has certainly overwhelmed Marco Borriello in this photo, and we must confess to spending a little too much time practicing for our own ‘do this week, too. This was despite David Villa’s busted leg, Nico Kranjcar’s attempt at hobo-chic and Guti’s experiments in facial hair ruining everyone’s good mood.

Heaven knows what next week will bring.


Product Shill Pose Off: David Villa v Karim Benzema for Adidas Tango 12


Images: Adidas Football.

Hallelujah, UEFA Euro 2012 has officially kicked off. Many games will be played, many fine men will wear shorts whilst running.  Stamina and shorts in the summer is always a good thing. And with so many matches and players to choose, where should you focus your valuable time and attention?

For the time being, we say David Villa (Spain) and Karim Benzema (France), who are two of the hands and faces modeling the new Adidas Tango 12 – the official match ball of Euro 2012.

Since we needn’t really continue as y’all know the drill, let’s get to analysing.


EURO 2012: An Accommodations Overview, Portugal NT


Contrary to appearances, this bath was not designed by Stephen Ireland. Image: REUTERS/Piotr Skornicki/Agencja Gazeta.

With the UEFA EURO 2012 draw less than 24 hours away, our limited attention spans have gravitated towards teams’ accommodations. Where will our favourite ‘ballers be holed up during the tourney? Will the management take personal tastes into consideration whilst selecting a hotel or will they only be mindful of relaxation and seclusion from the imminent hysteria? Moreover, how boring will it all be?

We’ll be examining several of the posh pads that the rich and WAGalicious will be occupying this summer at random, beginning today with the Remes hotel in Opalencia, Poland. Google Map this location, Kickettes, because the Remes will be housing the Portuguese NT throughout the tournament.

Join us as we have a nose around the place, offering our own opinions about the decor along the way, obviously.


Midweek Results: Hot Boys & Hobo Chic


Presumably there will be consequences for Robbie Keane failing to return to LA Galaxy to prepare for the MLS Cup game on Sunday. We doubt he gives a crap, though. Image: Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images.

A bumper edition of results for you today, including the odd sneaky reference to games we *may* have neglected to cover at the weekend.