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Style Files: Who’s the Best Dressed Baller?


Aside from having trouble finding trousers to fit over their thighs of thunder, most football players should have no excuse for bad fashion.  They’re rich enough to hire someone to think and shop for them (ie, their wives and girlfriends) and they’re supposed to be hip and full of the cool factor.  Yet, so many of them get it so very wrong. 


Let us be more specific with what constitutes wrong: a suit that is the colour of a tropical fruit, dirty-on-purpose jeans and /or glitter on anything.

But enough about the bad, let’s focus on the good.  Our homies over at Machochip recently named their Most Fashionable Sports Stars of the year, with Cristiano Ronaldo coming in third and David Beckham hitting the number 1 spot. 

C-Ron haters, there is no need to bring up the man bags, tight jeans and other such issues. We are all aware.  Again, let’s focus on the good.

We’re sure our regular readers can predict who we think the best dressed (and undressed) baller is out there, but who gets your vote?  Do you like the flash of Didier Drogba’s black paisley suits?  Thierry Henry’s cool sophisto style? Or do you just admire Crouchie’s ability to find jeans that fit?

We give it to Becks, but we also think Rio Ferdinand, Luis Figo, Kaka and Thierry Henry deserve some style snaps.

Pantsless in Liverpool: Steven Gerrard



Steven Gerrard is anti-undies.  Apparently, everyone’s favourite Red is a card carrying member of the commando club – who would have thunk it?

News is out that SG used to turn up regularly at the Royal University hospital in Liverpool for groin scans with his groin, well, very ready to be scanned.  The nurses on staff admit to having been quite shocked by the pantslessness at first, but soon became accustomed to Stevie’s flashy ways. Well done them.

For Christmas this year, several of them splurged on a three-pack of briefs from the Gap and gave it to Stevie, which he found quite amusing.

imageNot wearing drawers may be the key to success though: Steven won the Most Stylish Sporting Star and Icon gongs recently at the Juice FM’s Awards. (We have no idea either).  He thanked his mate Jamie Carragher for hooking him up in Style 101:

“If it wasn’t for him badgering me about my dress sense and hair cut then I wouldn’t be standing before you today. So ‘thank you Jamie’.”

Coleen McLoughlin won for Most Stylish Scouser, btw. No word on Mrs. Gerrard’s placement in the rankings.

WTF Files: Frank Lampard’s Jeans



Frank Lampard was out at London hot spot Mahiki last night drinking and macking with his cousin Jamie Redknapp.  The two were reportedly quite well behaved and settled their four-figure bar bill with ease before heading off home.  However, once outside, Frank was approached by a random chick who made a beeline for his crotch.

Frank then found himself in his second sticky situation as he stepped outside into the clutches of a mystery woman.

“She walked straight into him,” an onlooker said. “But it was strange, her hand went for his crotch. Frank seemed keen to get away.”

Was she an image consultant desperate to hide the denim disaster?  A crazed fan just looking to get her lonely Tuesday night grope on?  A bit of both? 

More importantly, are these stains on the jeans a result of a drink being spilt? That’s the general speculation, but we’re concerned they’re a style statement. Lest we forget Elen Rives’ dirty denim blitz of last month.  New trend alert, Kickettes: unwashed, embedded in dirt and covered in foreign liquids is hot for Winter 07/08.

More pics here.

image: wenn
cheers S!


Golden Girl: Cheryl Cole



Cheryl Cole is all about the shimmer lately.

Here she is at Cipriani’s working some gold busyness around the collar and some serious glim-shim at the Red Cross Ball.

Please enjoy the click/zoom facilities but throw on a pair of sunnies before you do.

images: celeb city

Style Off: Coleen v Alex



Is it a coat? Is it a cape? Does it possess super powers that allow WAGs to queue jump at Cricket in a single bound?

Both Coleen McLoughlin and Alex Curran-Gerrard have been spotted rocking this black Batman/Darth Vader inspired look.  Who works it better?

Our vote: we hate it on both of them, but if we’re forced to choose, we go with Coleen.