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Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Sara Real Madrid goalkeeper WAG Telecino presenter

Oh, hai there. Image: EFE.


- Our mums always said don’t let a guys’ wrinkled clothes or dodgy bull fight hairstyles fool you because it’s what’s inside their pants and underneath their shirts that counts. [ABC.es]

- Heart of Midlothian ‘ballers, hang onto your 2012 Scottish Cup winners’ medals. It’s time for you to claim our free drinks for life prizes. [TribalFootball.com], [Daily Record] & [BBC Sport]

- If Blair Gavin can make a Midori Sour equal parts Midori and Sour perfectly on the first try then his suspiciously strange mustache can mix our drinks anytime. [KCKRS via OMG-Yanks ]


Xabi Alonso: Black & White Bossypants


Image: Hugo Boss Espana.

Ever since the womb and all the way to the tomb, Xabi Alonso is a boss. But now, he’s a Hugo Boss.

Yum diddly dum.

Asking our usual multiple choice questionnaire is pointless as the answer is obvious. We’ll have all three. In whatever order he chooses. Day or night.

The Sizzle Query: Skirting The Issue


Perhaps we missed the news piece detailing who, what, where, when, why and how exactly manskirts are the new trousers? It may have something to do with the fact that the football season is 900 weeks long and there are very few staffers sober enough at any given moment to keep up with the joneses, but ‘tis strange indeed.

Do Adam Johnson and Djibril Cisse still look like ladies in their skirts to you, Kickettes? Or are these guys onto something strangely good with their female-inspired fashions?

Rainy Day At The Races: Darren Fletcher, Wayne Rooney & Wes Brown


What would a day at the races be without a few (former and current) Manchester United players?

Probably a less profitable one, as lordy these lads like to gamble.

Only three ‘ballers braved yesterday’s rain in their Chester Races suited finery: Darren Fletcher (with wife, Hayley Grice), Wayne Rooney (also joined by his wife, Coleen) and ex-United teammate/current Sunderland player Wes Brown (who went without Leanne Wassell).

Despite Wayne having the hook-me-up-bookie glint in his eye, he and Col’s horse Pippy came in dead last. Presumably they then retreated home to read “Chicken Soup for the Lighter Pockets’ Souls” in each of their His & Hers walk-in shoe closets.

Definitely Not Rich List: John Carew


Now that a court has declared West Ham’s John Carew bankrupt, he can’t afford to buy any more “outfits” like these.

For shame.

But not really.