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Alex Curran Joins the P45 Club


Before you read any further, might be best to sit down.  Perhaps you may want to call someone who can come and be with you during this difficult time.

It would appear Alex Curran is employed.

This is potentially devestating news, we know, but soldier on if poss.  For one, this is still unconfirmed by anyone in the Curran-camp. Maybe it’s just a bad dream tabloid concoction. Also, the ‘working’ thing would be as the owner of a shop for designer baby clothes made by Armani and Dior.  It is not as if she’s joining the Peace Corps or heading up the popcorn popper at the cinema.


Story has it that the competing shopkeepers in Liverpool are putting Alex on blast because they feel unable to keep up with her profile. 

Some random, unidentified bitter shop-person:

“This has caused outrage among the other baby shops in Liverpool.  She is married to the Liverpool captain, which practically makes her royalty here. Customers will want to buy in a shop she owns

Photo Call: Victoria Beckham’s Bottom


image: celeb-city


Victoria Beckham’s fake ass is back on the scene and it’s looking most divine, we might add. Tiny, yes – but still rather pertly divine.

She’s not usually known for her junk in the trunk, so it’s good to see Mrs. B working the heck outta her denim whilst shopping. Imagine that, Victoria with a little bit o’ booty.  Who knew.

Random: check out the Centurion card in her hand.  Dear Kickettes, if you’ve yet to be in the presence of a Black Amex card, make it your life’s purpose to do so.

Photo Call: Coleen McLoughlin’s Do


Do not be alarmed or notify the hairstylist in your speed dial, Coleen was fully conscious and sober when she made this coiffure choice of clips, pins and such. 

Out working the crowds in Liverpool to promote her new fragrance, Coleen wore a nice smart-casual ensemble with (still too long) good jeans and minimal makeup. 

The hair, however, is hurting. It looks like she’s on set for a late night hair infomercial ‘before’ shot hawking a new extension system that involves an endorsement by both Anne of Green Gables and hamster straw caging experts. 

Can anyone shed some light on this style? Are we behind the times and this is a good look for a high media presence activity? Are we focussing on Coleen’s hair rather than her shoes, which quite possibly may need a separate post of their own? 


Style Files: Carly’s Shorts



Joe Cole’s fiancee Carly Zucker stumbled out of Cipriani’s last night after a few too many drinks at dinner with a friend.

Compared to many of the other WAG fashion choices, this outfit is a classier take on the shorts trend, but we can’t deal with the loafer style shoes.

In fact, we hate them and wish they would die. But otherwise, we’re good with this look.

Except for the jacket. And the shorts are a tad too high-waisted for us.

But that’s it. Really.

image: WENN

Non-Style Files: Alex Curran in St. Tropez



Alex Curran and BFF Kelly Ellison are hanging in St. Tropez.

As you can see, Alex is channeling the look of an off-their-meds pensioner at the bingo hall about to go buck wild when they win the £125 jackpot.

It’s Bananarama leisurewear with a twist of fug. No, a large serving of fug. A buffet-sized serving at that.

We must also mention that whilst Alex’s husband Steven Gerrard was out working the day job at the Liverpool/Aston Villa match, Alex was/is in St. Tropez shopping, sunning and getting (allegedly) chatted up by Calum Best.

Perhaps it’s time Stevie broke out that can of whoop ass we hope he’s got hiding in his spare footie boots. Isn’t part of the WAG day job to at least turn up to the games?

Show up, dress cute, get hammered. That’s all you’ve got to do.