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Lazy Links: Thighs, Skanks and Knock-Offs


imageRemember Victoria Beckham’s rather fabu number from Roland Mouret, worn for the big Beckham presentation in LA?  You can now get a knock off of the dress at TopShop for £60. Named “The Victoria”, these bad boys are flying off the shelves, even though they look like they are made of the cheapest man-made fibres money can buy and could potentially cause you to break out in a polyester rash whilst attempting to rock the fierce. Link: Topshop Sells Victoria Inspired Dress

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we love our readers. Case in point, the lovely Blair has set up a Facebook group specifically devoted to football’s wide range of thunder thighs. The inspiration? Our much loved, not-oft updated weekly (okay, more like monthly…ish) Thigh-Off competition. Please do drop by and join if you’re so inclined. Melanie Slade is a member.
Link: Footballers’ Thighs Appreciation Society

Baseball Becks & Shopkeeper Screw ups


While in Canada, David Beckham and the LA Galaxy boys took in a baseball game with the Blue Jays and the Yankees.

Toronto baseball fans got to see more action from Becks than the footie fans who turned out for the Galaxy v Toronto FC game on Sunday; he threw out the first pitch for the Jays game.

Yes, he did it with hella more style than Victoria. 

Toronto is a fabu city, and their sports fans are extremely dedicated/crazy, so the crowd went bananas when Beckham appeared.

Fashion notes: Whilst in Toronto, Becks also went shopping at Holt Renfrew (think Harvey Nicks, UK gals), but they had neither the aviator shades nor the vintage denim jeans he was after.  Can you even begin to imagine the shame, and the amount of buyers that would be fired after David Beckham shows up to shop and boost your PR campaign into oblivion, and you cannot provide for his needs?  Surely some minion should have been dispatched to a stock room to beat a pair of new jeans with a meat tenderizer and some bleach until they looked old for Becks’ sake. 

UPDATE: Becks didn’t throw out the first pitch – but he was on the mound with team-mates Jazic, Harmse and Galaxy head coach Frank Yallop,  Jazic threw out the ball.

Bikini Watch: Abigail Clancy



Abigail Clancy is on a working vacay in Spain, shooting some new photos for her bikini calendar.

Is it just us, or doesn’t it seem like a million years ago that Abi was making the declaration that her ambition was to “marry a footballer, get pregnant and then shop and have fun for the rest of my life”?

The peak of our Abi-annoyance must have been shortly after that comment.  Please, let us state for the record, shortly after that comment she began dating Peter Crouch.  But surely that was a coincidence.

Or, perhaps it was when those scandalous photos of her in a Scarface-type powder situation were splashed across the tabloid front pages.  For some reason, the Cricket fashion shows also rubbed us the wrong way too.  But lately she’s keeping herself to herself and the lay-low works for us. 

Danielle Lloyd? Yes, you over there in the slogan tee – take some notes.

Alex Curran-Gerrard: Working a Theme


image: mercury


…and by theme, we mean red and white polka dot gingham fiesta. 

Top half, WAG sass to perfection (she looks rather gorge, no?)  Bottom half, prairie-roaming rattan wedgefest of issues.

Style Files: Henry/Hilfiger, Dolce/AC MIlan



WWD recently announced that Dolce & Gabbana will be designing the Chinese Olympic soccer team uniforms, and they’re sounding rather fabu.  The boys will be rocking a ‘Martini’ suit – black, slim fit with just a single button on the jackets.  They’ll also have bombers and sweaters with satin-lined hoods.  Link: The Fashion Olympics

Keeping with Dolce & Gabs, this is not the first time the designers have delved into the footie world with their clothing.  In fact, let’s take a moment to reflect on how much this brand has done for football.  Ah, good, half-naked times.  Dear Kickettes, we implore you, if you are loyal to any label, this is the one to pledge your life to.

Let us continue our style reflection by checking out the AC Milan collabo with D&G. You might want to do that as a matter of urgency/vicarious letcherousness.

Also, our little fashion birdies out there tell us that the Tommy Hilfiger/Thierry Henry relationship is moving to into new territories. This September, Thierry will have his own capsule line released worldwide.  Hilfiger has designed a collection inspired by newly-single Thierry – think sophisticated urban cool.  Link: Hilfiger Kicks It Up A Notch