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WAG Watch: Elen Rives and the MIL

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Elen Rives is our shopping idol. She. Can. Not. Be. Stopped.  This time she’s out with mother-in-law, Pat, hitting the shops in London.

Coleen’s 21st: The WAGs in Attendance


Sherree Murphy, Nicola Carragher, Justine Mills (owner of designer boutique Cricket), Coleen McLoughlin, Alex Curran and Abi Clancy


Justine: Listen up bitches, I don’t want any of these clothes returned to the shop with beer, lipstick or other unidentified stains on them.  I’m looking at you, Clancy.

Abi: Whatever, Justine.  I’m skinnier than you and fabulously happy.  Look how fabulously happy I look.

Alex: I’m the fabulously happy star here.  I know it.  You know it.  Even with my bloated carb face, I am the queen.  No one else can wear an aubergine set of drapes like this. 

Sheree: Stop fighting girls, this is Coleen’s night.

Alex: Oh, go back to your typist job at Manpower, Sheree.  This is a party, not a gathering around the water cooler.

Sheree: I’m wearing Chloe, darling, which trumps your Philip Armstrong fabric concoction. By the way, have you seen my husband’s bottom? It’s like a peach, I promise you. 

Alex: Stop touching me Abi.  Stop trying to push your way into the picture.

Abi: I wouldn’t have to touch you if you’d give me a little space.  Stop bogarting the pose.

Alex: I swear, if I had hands, I would scratch your eyes out.

Justine: Speaking of hands Nicola, yours are making me uncomfortable. 

Coleen: I would kill for a cheeseburger.  Maybe I can get Wayne to make a run to Mickey-D’s.

Brooklyn Beckham vs The Papparrazzi



God, we love this kid.

At what point do you think he’ll realise it’s his mother courting the paparazzi?  Here’s a clue, Brooklyn: she’s wearing insane boots and no bra.  Good luck, kiddo.

BFF: Victoria Beckham and J-Lo

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Our “bitch please“ detectors started going off when we first heard of Victoria Beckham’s friendship with Jennifer Lopez.

But it appears these two are actually very pally.  Move over Katie Holmes, your reign is over sweetheart.


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Victoria Beckham Takes Flight

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Still handling the well-timed paparazzi invasion like a pro, Victoria Beckham took to the skies yesterday to do some ski para gliding.

She’s in Courchevel, France, a long-time family favourite for vacations.  Her father, Tony and oldest son Brooklyn have joined her.

Important detail: Victoria is wearing Chanel skis.


In other news, David fixed his hair.

Beckham explained to GMTV why it happened:

“Well, I needed a change.  I think I’ve had the same haircut for two years now and I was getting slightly bored. You know it’s part of something that I do”.

Sometimes we have to sit back and think: we’re changing the world with our intellectually challenging, life changing reportage on key events happening worldwide.

Thanks to Cate for the David hair tip.


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