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victoria beckham: control issues?


photo: getty

Victoria was at the Bambi Awards in Stuttgard causing a whole heap of hoopla about the agreement her people wanted the Associated Press to sign.

The document “would have allowed Beckham to get copies of all photos, with the ability to use them for promotional purposes” and stopped photographers from leaking any “confidential information” that may be revealed during the event.

The Associated Press told her people to kiss their Associated ass. Other agencies agreed, but ignored Mrs. B on the red carpet.

Here’s what we want to know: what sort of “confidential information” would Victoria not want revealed? Isn’t this one of the most photographed women in WAG history? It’s not like she’s camera shy.

Weird, no? Watch this space, kickettes.

Link: Pushy Posh Poo-Poos Pix

The Shit List: Coleen Mcloughlin


Sure, we poke fun at her fashion sense and career made of riding your bf’s jock into wealth and fame, but it’s all in the name of loving jest. Well, no longer.

Coleen McLoughlin, you’re officially on our shit list.


Why, indeed.

2 reasons.

The first: she’s been given a

when bad fashion happens to rich people


It is rare that we are rendered speechless, or even type-less, but this is the case with Victoria’s recent range of clothing choices from the Criminally Insane and/or Visually Impared Fashion Brigade.

WTF Files: The Beckhams


So, we go away for one week, just one tiny week, and we miss this?

We’re not even gonna go there with Mrs. B. We’re not even gonna talk about her situ.

As for you, David? We love you, you know that we do.

But we are only human.

If you cut us, do we not bleed? If the wind blows, does it not mess up our hair?

If you dress in a reindeer/horse sweater that ties at the waist, it bleeds and blows, D. It bleeds and blows.

WAG watch: Elen Rives


photo: WENN

Frank Lampard and Elen Rives leaving Nobo’s in London. In a shocking move, Ms. Rives appears rather classy, not assy.