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WAG watch: Victoria Beckham in London

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Victoria Beckham is in London this week promoting her new book, That Extra ya ya ya, you already know, we’ve mentioned it a million times.

At Selfridges, V met with all 3,000 fans who turned up to get their books signed.

She visited Oxfam in Notting Hill, purchasing a polka dot dress for

style files: thierry henry


American designer Tommy Hilfiger held a launch party for the opening of his flagship shop in Paris, and wouldn’t ya know it, the fabulous Mr. Henry showed up and stole the show.

Looking dapper in a pinstripe suit, Theirry dropped a little insider info: he’s going to be working with the Hilf for a project in the future. What that project might be, we have no clue. We’re guessing something with an accent. And possibly a Renault.

The launch was full of A-List-ish types, from Lenny Kravitz, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Bosworth and Virginie Ledoyen (pictured with T, above).

photo by Stephanie Feugere

WTF files: the soccer ball waist

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As women in love with football players, their lifestyles of excess and thighs like thunder, we have to put up with the odd bit of shite from those who :

- ask us to write about something other than David Beckham
- suggest that we get a “real” job
- tell us to stop being mean to ugly people

Luckily, we can handle that. We’re strong and we’re shallow.

What we do have trouble dealing with is the suggestion by fashion designers that we should aspire to have a waist the size of a football. High end designer Nicole Miller plans on introducing a new sub-zero size of clothing, with the circumference of “a soccer ball”.

It’s no coincidence that WAG supreme, Victoria Beckham, has this waist size. Start re-thinking your food choices ladies. We suggest not eating anything ever again.

Link: Those Zeros Keep Adding Up

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WAG watch: Cricket, Liverpool


The WAGs were out in full force for the Cricket boutique fashion show, held at the glamorous Liverpool Town Hall. Milan ain’t got nothing on the LTH, trust us.

Cricket is a serious WAG staple shop where the Northern gals get all their designer shopping on. Abbey Clancy and Sophie Anderton even did some catwalk modelling on the night.

Representing for those who know how to spend their man’s money: Sheree Murphy, Alex Curran, Kelly Ellison, Coleen McLoughlin

Sheree: Why are the girls acting as if they don’t know me? Is it because I’m dressed in a gigantic deflated onion skin? Maybe it’s because I’ve got this bottle of water…

Alex: Why the F does Sheree have a bottle of water? Does it look like we’re at the goddamn gym? I hope the photogs crop her out of these photos. I’m the star here.

Coleen: Oof, I’m drunk.

Alex: I’m the best looking one in here, why does that skank Abbey get to do the catwalk? Why didn’t they ask me? Is it because my hands are a different colour than my face? No, that couldn’t be it, I’m fabulous.

Kelly: Do I look old? I look old, dunn I?

Coleen: *sigh* I miss Wayne.

Kelly: Everyone is so young and pretty. I need more eye makeup.

Alex: Do you think it’s easy to look like a sexy robotic 1950s hooker/housewife in a dress made of tinsel? Do you? Why does no one ever listen to me?

Coleen: *sigh* I love gum.

Alex: Is there any alcohol in this drink?

Sheree: It’s because I have a job. That’s why they don’t like me. And for your information, Alex, I could drink you under the table, sweetheart.

Kelly: Everyone else is with a footballer. My man is Steven G’s part-time bodyguard. How wank is that? I really blew it. I know Alex is my best friend and all, but sometimes I fantasize about putting Nair in her shampoo bottle.

ronaldo watch: the man bag


This photo of Mr. Ronaldo offers much fashion food for thought.

The man bag.

The lizard belt.

The jeans that seem just a little too tight, even for our liking.

The man bag.

Wait, we already said that.

Cristiano, honey, we know you’re a buff piece of Eurotrash, but you need to fix up.  We can help.  Call us.  We’re on the speed dial, under “F” for “fashion crimes against hotties”.