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Caroline Celico & Daughter Isabella: Like Mother, Like Daughter


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Image: CC’s Twitter.

Footballers’ wives have always known babies make great designer accessories. Not as good as a Birkin handbag, mind you, but fairly decent nonetheless.

Normally we think babies should be kept to their more common uses as snuggly vomiting cuddle monsters, but Caroline and Isabella’s coordinating outfits are tres cute.

Smart, Mrs Kakà. Shopping for two gives you a more legitimate reason to spend double the amount of money at Gucci.

Photo Call: Melissa Satta, At Milan Fashion Week, In Casual Clothes

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Source: Vincenzo Lombardo/Getty Images Europe.


Sylvie van der Vaart: Dreams In Purple


Google Translate has provided us with some gems over the years. Calling Yulia Voronin’s leopard jumpsuit of infamy a “stupid tiger costume” is certainly our favorite, but one that resulted from a description of Sylvie van der Vaart’s dress above make us chuckle just as much: Purple Mullet. It’s not inaccurate.


Raffaella Fico: Enjoy/Player Hate/Swoon/Appreciate The Baby Bump



Here’s Raffaella Fico runway modelling in a bikini at a Milan Fashion Week show over the weekend.

mario balotelli ex girlfriend WAG italy serie A ronaldo virgin auctionNot sure about you Kickettes, but by this stage of pregnancy (ie, more than 1 hour, ie six months deep), isn’t it the law that one should be on the white suede chaise lounge being fed grapes and a wide assortment of bonbons whilst a random shirtless man turns the pages of Vogue for you to read?

We’re quite certain the only acceptable line of work at this stage is shopping, yes?

Nagore Aranburu: Upgrade You


Image via trendencias.com

Compared to the last time we saw her, Mrs. Xabi Alonso is much improved.

Nagore attended a party for Spanish Vanity Fair’s Person of the Year issue. Said honour went to tennis hottie Rafael Nadal, but perhaps Nagore was there to champion a certain ginger-bearded midfielder to be in the running next year.

Her white hot dress comes courtesy of Antonio Berardi and can be purchased for a deep discount at The Outnet. Unfortunately even at an outlet price neither the dress nor her red Tom Ford bag are in our price range.

Things in our price range include Primark, mint Aero bars, and enough cans of cider to get us through the rest of the week. Keep us in your thoughts.

Like Nagore’s formal swag?