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Dirk Kuyt: When All Else Fails, Fancy Dress Doesn’t


ex liverpool footballer club magazine cover photo shoot model ball

Images: KCKRS, Tumblr.

We look forward to seeing more photos from Dirk Kuyt’s feature in Fenerbahce’s magazine so that the inevitable speculation about his attendance at Liverpool’s annual fancy dress Christmas party can begin in earnest.

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Louise Redknapp has started her own beauty range called Wild About Beauty, which is ironic since we felt the opposite of wild about her hair and makeup at last night’s GQ Awards. Her dress, meanwhile, is a whole ‘nother story that our Style Files is better adept at addressing.
{Red Magazine, Style.Kickette}

Christian Vieri’s mobile was spied on by Inter Milan back in ’06, but it was only this past Monday that he was awarded €1 million in damages. The now retired footballer’s legal team argued that when details of the alleged spying became public six years ago, it damaged his playing career by causing him undue stress.
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Fernando Torres’ Coiffure Needs To Go


Archie O’Hara is not impressed. Images: Chelsea Magazine, Getty Images.

Olalla wife wag daughter nora son leo torresCan any of our trusted readers *puhlease* figure this shiznit out with the scissor gods since it’s clear Fernando Torres is incapable of handling things himself? His face is oh so purrty, yet his hair is oh so clinically depressing.

And while you’re at it, can you also figure out why he’s decided to experiment with Olalla’s tinted bronzer all of a sudden?

Godspeed, Kickettes. This one’s for all the marbles.

Victoria Beckham: It’s The End Of The World As We Know It


Images: X17Online.

In case you missed it – and how could you? – Victoria Beckham went out in public wearing a tracksuit (probably made of the finest cashmere, but whatever) and neon trainers (heel height in inches: zero) over the weekend.

Kickettes, you know that old saying, “the wheels are coming off”?

Well, if they weren’t already goners, they certainly are now.

Somewhere beyond the grave, the Mayans are laughing their calendar-rich asses off.

David Beckham: This Is Not Okay


Image: Rcf/Bauer Griffin.

Footy stars buying their own produce? It’s normally a ‘do’, dear readers. You know, Celebs! They’re just like us! and all that good stuff.

But David Beckham and other footy stars of his calibre buying their own produce whilst wearing socks with sandals?

It’s a definite do-not-pass-go-and-give-us-the-100-quid-you’ve-wrongly-collected ‘don’t’.

Our new GoldenBalls Rule: DBecks is allowed to wear tight whiteness in public only if the article of clothing in question bears either his initials or Armani’s. Please and thank you.