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Florent Malouda: Happy Snapper


Ladies and gents, please welcome the latest recruit to the Kickette staff, Chelsea & France winger Florent Malouda! Aside from the usual duties expected from a new colleague (filing nails, fetching refreshments, writing posts when no-one else can be bothered), Florent will be acting as a double agent in dressing room and photographing his colleagues naked where possible. Cool! Image: FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images/Daylife

Weekend Results: International Idling


We couldn’t have put it better ourselves, Joey. Image: Reuters/Daylife.

We think at this point we’re supposed to offer you a comprehensive write up of all the International and Euro 2012 Qualifying fixtures that FIFA saw fit to throw at us this weekend, but running with the crowd is tough when caught in the thrall of the fashion world’s current predilection for towering heels.

Hence why we’re going to take a metaphorical sit down on the kerb for a breather and a juicebox while you review the things that caught our attention this weekend.

They may or may not include your team’s results and photos of hot players naked.


Karim Benzema: Pants Man?


We’re all for players getting their nekkid on in public, but seriously. Are those your pants**, Karim Benzema? If so, we need to talk. (And possibly go shopping). **OK, we know it’s a training bib. But just go with it, will you? It’s Friday. Image: Getty Images/Daylife

Would You: Adil Rami, Lille


Images: Google, FFF.fr.

We were hoping to present our written case to you today on Adil Rami’s behalf, but words have a funny way of evading us when we least expect it. Therefore, this will be a quickie (in our dreams).

Sticking to the absolute need-to-know details, this 25-year-old Frenchie from Moroccan descent stands at a massively tall 6’3. Furthermore, his tongue has a life of its own and his mascot suit comes in a close second only to those of Arsenal’s adorkables. Humour and hotness all rolled into one buff and brawny Frenchman? It sounds too good to be true, don’t it?


Thursday Thigh-Off 2.0: Sergio Ramos v. Benoit Cheyrou


TTO footballers thighs

It’s always nice when multi-tasking players like Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid) and Benoit Cheyrou (Olympique de Marseille) take hold of the Thursday Thigh-Off responsibilities for us, insisting we’re too pretty and dainty to bother lifting a finger. Very considerate of them.

Of course, with the immense quadly goodness on display today, picking a winner may be harder than attempting a drive by of the Printemps shoe department during your lunch hour. We suggest you pour yourself a drink, take the phone off the hook and get a note pad to make your comparisons.