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Midweek Mmm: Florent Malouda, Chelsea


Hey there, Mr. President. You’re so snazzy with your official One Love Foundation title! If we toast our martinis in honour of your sexy side profile, will you promise to keep up the great work? Image taken at the presentation of the One Love Festival in Paris France, 9th May 2011.

A View From The Sidelines: Fondlin’ & Foolin’


Marcelo can’t contain himself any longer. Is Cristiano a real boy? Image: AP Photo/Daylife

It doesn’t start and end when a player steps onto the pitch, y’know. Although most of our attention is rightly focussed on the field of play, the occasional bouts of nudity and repressed violence we have born witness to on the sidelines have taught us that the activities of people not directly involved in a match can be just as interesting.

Please enjoy some of the examples we found in today’s desperate scramble for post ideas that we like to call an ‘Editorial Meeting’. 


Philippe Mexes: A Cautionary (Piggie)Tail


Remember kids, never accept sweeties from strange men. Although in this case, we’re probably prepared to make an exception. Images via fff.fr; Getty Images/Daylife.

Whether it’s a newly developed penchant for unhealthy snack foods, the debilitating effects of over-stretching for piggie purposes or the infinitely more plausible affliction of ’notgivingacrap’, we’re not the only ones wondering what the holy hell is going on with Philippe Mexes’ hair at the moment.

However, on the grounds that during France’s friendly against Croatia last night, the defender brought new and terrifying meaning to the term ‘bitchface’ (left), we prepared to leave it alone. For now.

BTW, views on the new French NT kit now you’ve seen it in action, team?

Midweek Results: Confusion Abounds


Asamoah Gyan & Derek Boeteng of Ghana share a tender moment during a friendly (ish) 1-1 draw with England at Wembley. Image: Reuters/Daylife

If our confusion over which games were friendlies and which meaningful at the weekend was bad, imagine our horror when confronted with last night’s maddening fixture schedule.

Fortunately, most of the Kickette staff were able to make it into the top secret work avoidance bunker (the toilets) before our dear editor could assign the round up, so we are relieved pleased to be able to bring the you highlights via a special photo post.

We trust that the time honoured technique of including a photo of Yoann Gourcuff in said post will distract you sufficiently to allow us to get away with it.


Weekend Results: Euro 2012 Qualifiers


We  chose this image as our lead because Yoann scored a goal. Okay? Image: FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Image/Daylife.

Overcoming our lethargy towards the international fixtures was a strain for us this weekend. We’re really enjoying the jostling for position at the top and bottom of the European Leagues and for us, this whole Euro 2012 Qualifier shebang couldn’t have come at a worse time.

However, we cheered ourselves up by donning national costume for the Kickette Drinking Weekender (leave your handbag, iPhone and left shoe at the door, please) and can now report that a good time is assured for anyone brave enough to enter a pub whilst wearing lederhosen, a pair of clogs, a kilt and an outsize football jersey.

However, we would like to take this opportunity to ask the member of the Kickette staff responsible for putting a fresh Scottish haggis in the office microwave to come forward. It’s not clever and the result is that interns will be scraping unidentified ‘matter’ from the walls for some time to come.

As you were.