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Frank Lampard & Christine Bleakley: Parisian Perusals


Chelsea WAG TV Presenter

Chelsea WAG TV Presenter in FranceChelsea’s Frank Lampard strolled through the city of love last Wednesday with his girlfriend Christine Bleakley. The two raised a speculative eyebrow or two with their expensive jewellery shop pit stops along Saint Honore street.

P.S. – Christine’s boots are to die for. Images: Press Association/Daylife.

Weekend Results: Priorities & Pleadings


Roma’s Marco Borriello. Yes, unfortunately we are this shallow. (Image: AP Photo/Daylife)

We usually like to come up with some sort of witty intro to the Weekend Results, mostly to make the subject matter appear more exciting, but also to enable you to slip comfortably and easily into post as you might a hot bath. Unfortunately, we only have limited wit reserves and we’ve pretty much used it all in the post, leaving us with nothing to say. Hopefully, the photo of Marco Borriello above will distract the majority of you from this crapness.

If not, we’ve put a picture of a topless Phil Neville further down to ease your pain. Enjoy! 


Good Week/Bad Week: Snappy Comebacks & Sciatica


Ronaldo clothes

Image: Trendury.com.

We got big thangs poppin’ for this weekend (i.e. clothing sale insurgency) Kickettes, but before we bid adieu, let’s run through this week’s karmic winners and losers.

Good Week

- Gucci: There are worse clothes horses. Cristiano Ronaldo was seen strolling around the streets of New York this week sporting what could amount to an entire collection. By himself. And they don’t even pay him to be a walking advertisement. Cha-ching!

- Martin Kelly: The only English player on a list of sixty chosen by the cream of European journalists for January’s best of the month. A bonus biscuit for those who can name the club he plays for.

- Fallacy Fighters: Javier “Chicharito” Hernández responded to BBC Top Gear presenters’ ‘gag’ about Mexican people in a mature, grown up manner, that belies his choochy face; Frank Lampard set the record straight about Christine Bleakley’s work ethic, and denied that his girlfriend ever ‘had it easy’ growing up.


Kickette Q&A: ‘Have They Ever?’


Image: FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP/Getty Images. Thx for the spot, A!

Kickettes, do tell: are you familiar with the popular drinking game, ‘Never Have I Ever’?

Yeah, us neither.

But we’ve heard that it’s a good, drunken time, with folks learning more than their fair share of all-too-specific details about fellow party pals’ personal habits.

So we’ve heard.

Completely unrelated: That rumour about us, a suitcase full of Prada and several cute Italian immigration officers in Milan are completely false, btw.

By now you know that our brightest blogging moments are heavily inspired by alcohol.  Well, with the help of mimosas this morning, comes the Kickette reincarnation of the aforementioned anti-sobriety game. We’re asking* a host of the superfamoose to answer the question, Have you ever?

Not impressed? That’s okay, you’re probably correct in feeling a tad irritated about the lack of milk and coffee at our disposal this AM, paired with this cleverly-disguised link dump.

But Daniele De Rossi is partially nude, and this begs a few visually informative answers.

*Ed Note: we’re using the term ‘asking’ here loosely, natch.


Frank Lampard: Consolation Cuddles


Ahem. Excuse us for a moment. We just need to save this to the Kickette hard drive for closer examination later. All in the name of science, you understand. (Getty Images/Zimbio)

Seeking solace in the arms of a buff bloke is an extremely popular way to deal with bad news here at Kickette. In fact, we actively encourage the practice, both for ourselves and between men, although the latter is largely to satisfy our slightly odd and potent lust. You may have noticed.