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Weekend Results: On Bended Knees


More of this is right this way, everybody.

Harry Redknapp returned to club coaching duties at QPR, Rafa Benitez was met with an emphatic few minutes of straight boos from the Blues’ fans and we fancied Fiorentina’s head GQMF in charge, Vincenzo Montella, for the first time.

To say it was a cracking weekend in footy would be an understatement, but how was it for you and yours? Are you a happy, sad or indifferent bunch of Kickettes this morning? Do you also need some chocolate therapy?

Regardless of whether your team won, lost or drew, we can all appreciate various players’ attempts to make everything better via up-short shots. They’re men with truly big hearts, who know what real fans need to keep their spirits soaring.


Want To Watch Penguins Playing Footy?



Of course you do!

Leaving no stones or shot glasses unturned here, pointer finger click your way through our expansive catalogue of athletes and adorable animals for additional amusement.

Weekend Results: Exciting Games, Erroneous Galleries


Jack wilshere on the bench baby son young father injured injury healthy fit footballer

Image: Getty Images/Getty Images Europe. Serie A photos H/T @LaDiavolina.

In keeping with our promise to never write about real news like transfers, sports stats or the offside rule, we come bearing photo gallery gifts only today.


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Raffaella Fico: Baby Daddy Disappointment


In a recent poll of Italian drivers by Facile.it, 21% of respondents said Mario’s the least reliable celebrity to buy a used-by-a-VIP car from. No surprise there, really.

In an interview with Italian tabloid ‘Diva e Donna’, which hits newsstands tomorrow, Raffaella Fico accuses her ex-boyfriend ‘baller of harassing her to the point of stalking, saying he’s been calling her off the hook, sometimes even as late as one o’clock in the morning.

She’s already penned the player a letter via the press before, so we shouldn’t be all that surprised that Miss Fico is at it again.

Yet we are.

In the spirit of participating in the court of public opinion, let’s hear the former showgirl turned virginity auctioneer out before we judge.


Olivier Giroud: Has No Naked Shame


UPDATE 1: These pics are old, as @SianMacalarny pointed out to us. Whatever. They’re still glorious. UPDATE 2: These pics crashed our servers (so maybe they’re new to others as well), but we’re good as gold now. If problems persist for you, drop us a line.

Your eyes are about to become the widest they’ve ever been, Kickettes. That bum in the background right there? Belongs to one of our finest five members, Olivier Giroud.

Beware: really, wowser-y, X-rated photos are safely tucked away in this photo gallery if you’re so inclined.

Also: this explicit video (on a NSFW site) of the new Arsenal footballer (hubba hubba oh right!) is like a thousand Christmas mornings.

Yoann must be so jelly right now while Mario Gotze and Michael Dawson, relieved.