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Cristiano Ronaldo Jr: Nearly Ready For His Run-Out – UPDATED


UPDATE: More adorable holiday photos of CR SR and CR JR that’s making the butterflies in our tummies do flips.

Not sure if anyone has been keeping track of the movements of little CR JR, but he’s quite the globe trotter. Earlier this week he was running errands with Grandma Dolores in Lisbon, and now he’s busy being toted around St Tropez while on holiday with his extended family.

A note to C-Ron’s son: Kudos on the cuteness, kiddo, you clearly have that down pat. But on the reals, now that you’ve got two years of life under your mini Gucci belt, it’ll be maybe four or five more months before the family will expect you to put those little bones that haven’t fully fused yet to work on the pitch. Better start warming up.

Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Steven Gerrard (his abdominals – holler) and his wife of five years, Alex, spent the weekend partying it up at the Encore Hotel’s pool in Las Vegas. Images: Daily Mail.

We’ve had an epiphany, dear readers: all the mocking and wondrous delight we take in fash-bashing Alex has been a terrible, childish mistake.

We need her and her WAGtastic ways. We couldn’t make it through the dark days of the well dressed and the modest without this woman. With so few things in this world that are dependable, Alex has always come through for us, waving the WAG flag of orange skin, French manicured falsies and teflon hair-do’s consistently and reliably.

Not many out there have this skill, and it’s time we recognise this.


Euro 2012 Final: Just Another Day At The Office


Images: REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi.

Poor Italy. After their fantastic performance against the hotly tipped Germans, speculation abounded that Super Mario and his boys would have enough in the tank to ruin Spain’s plans for global domination.

The Spanish, possibly peeved by accusations that they were boring throughout the tournament however, took their über shiny A-game to Kiev and stroked their way into the history books by beating Italy 4-0. If you’re still under your duvets, that means they’re the first team ever in the history of the universe to win three consecutive tourneys.

Afterwards they brought their babies onto the pitch, which was precisely when we became the first people ever in the history of the universe to get pregnant by pictures.

Have a looky for yourselves, Kickettes. Even hardened hacks will be overwhelmed by the (updated with even more anti-birth control) cuteness.

Euro 2012 Semifinals: Wins, Woes & Wookies


Without sounding redundant, we’re experiencing a mammoth hangover overload that’s seriously interferring with our ability to sit in front of a computer and get motivated to write anything decent.

Curse you, Polish mystery liquid goodness.

While we slowly get ourselves back on track (no promises), take a photographic walk in our gladiator sandals.

Euro 2012 Semifinals: Moderately Sweaty, Barely Surviving


Image Credit: Stephen Wong of Wong Wong.

For once, we have a proper excuse as to why our coverage of a vitally important international fixture has been useless.We didn’t sleep through Spain vs. Portugal. Nor were we out shopping, out of cellphone battery and/or range or still drunk from an editorial meeting that took place three days ago.

Nope, this time…We. Were. At. The. Game.

Walk with us through the photographic evidence of our adventure, which we have interspersed with professional shots so you can see what happened on the pitch vs. what the folks standing in front of us did with their hair all evening.