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Euro 2012 Quarter Finals: Performance Enhancing


And they said he didn’t perform on the pitch. Image: Alex Livesey/Getty Images.

Oh Kickettes, what a few days it has been.

The Czech Republic, France, Greece and England all fought valiantly in their respective quarter finals, but found themselves sliding inexorably out of the tournament and into the ether anyway, like a brand new mobile phone handset might slip out of a handbag and ruin the week of those who depend upon it for their very sanity.

What were we saying? Oh yeah. Euro 2012 quarter finals. Photos. Click here.


Euro 2012 In Pictures: England vs Ukraine, Sweden vs France


Our match viewing beer/spritzer/liquor goggles, caught in still frame.

Yowser, yesterday’s games were doozies, weren’t they Kickettes?

Wayne Rooney scored in his triumphant return from suspension, John Terry saved the day for England (which the referees’ chief later said should’ve been a goal) and Shevchenko’s 20 minute cameo failed to give us a good glimpse of his yummy tummy.

We also caught Ibrahimovic’s stellar strike and bicep(s) flex.

A footy-free evening is upon us and we plan on recharging the hell out of our internal batteries. You?

Euro 2012 In Pictures: Croatia vs Spain, Italy vs Republic of Ireland


Gigi Italian goalkeeper bum flash kit trousers shorts Italy Euro 2012 kit

During Monday’s Group C games, we were:

- Pleased that Niko Kranjcar found his razor in time;
- Curious about Fernando Torres’s possible use of bronzer in the first half; and
- Wondering why Kevin Doyle wore his kit instead of his Everyman towel (surely it would’ve been worth the last ditch effort?).

Once things were all said and done, we were:

- Delighted to see how Ireland and Croatia “reacted” to their losses; and
- Shocked at the lack of celebratory girlish face tickles exchanged after Italy advanced into the tournament’s next round (although there was that Balotelli face gag by Bonucci that folks are buzzing about).

What’s your take on all the results?

Euro 2012 In Pictures: It’s Torso Time


Image: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images Europe.

Some mid-sections are never concerned with being caught unawares, Kickettes.

Here’s a “we came to get down” selection of them from all this weekend’s matches.

Euro 2012 In Pictures: Italy vs Croatia, Spain vs Ireland


Really – are you interested in this recap at all?

We thought we were, but we’d rather gaze at Iker than write another 10,000 entries on the Beckhams.