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‘Ballers On Breaks: Sun, Skin & Sense Of Smell


Tommaso Rocchi posted up poolside and making fun faces with his girlfriend, Valentina (not pictured).

You know summer is (finally!) here when the tube’s natural scent mixture of self-tanner and biscuits dulls to a faint aroma and ‘ballers on breaks flock to the same vacay hotspot in droves.

Are we right, Kickettes, or are we right?

Euro 2012 In Pictures: Germany 1-0 Portugal


Month-long summer footy tournaments are like the hot boyfriend that arrives on a motorcycle, but only brings one helmet. Sexy, but heartbreaking. Wait, let’s clarify as that situation isn’t entirely heartbreaking. True heartache would be if he showed up wearing leather trousers.

Let’s stay on topic.

Saturday’s second game between Germany and Portugal saw some uncharacteristic attempts on goal, WAGs out supporting their men and, as always, reminded us how topsy, turvy and tiresome the Euros can be.

In case you were held in the Vogue beauty closet against your will over the weekend (lucky cow), here’s a simple sum up.

Euro 2012 In Pictures: Netherlands vs Denmark


Daniel Agger’s thigh strains strained themselves during yesterday’s Denmark 1-0 Netherlands game. (AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda)

Group B – the “Group of Death” – lived up to its name yesterday, producing the first upset of the tournament as well as slaying our iPhone batteries quicker than we could say “choc pud”.

Relive all the Daniel Agger glory as we saw it while your vocal chords still have their health, Kickettes. Already the first week of June has brought its jumpy clap “A” game and you should too.

Euro 2012 In Pictures: Russia vs Czech Republic


First day down, many more to go (yippee!). Missed Russia’s 4 -1 defeat over Czech Republic? See the match’s highs and lows here before skimming our random observations from the second half of today’s Group A double header:

- As was expected, Milan Baros continued his reign as the sexiest Czech Republic ‘baller who needs more Kickette homepage face time (Theodor Gebre Selassie is nipping at his heels, though).

- Not so sexy: the scene atop Jaroslav Plasil’s head. Was it responsible for his error that allowed Russia to make it 2-0? Well, obviously.


Euro 2012 In Pictures: Poland vs Greece


Join us on Twitter (@kickette) for tons of Euro 2012 commentary. YOBO! (AP Photo/Gero Breloer; Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images)

Those hoping for a nice, peaceful tournament where quality football wins the trophy and controversy is restricted to poor hairdressing decisions were probably disappointed by this afternoon’s opening game.