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Nicklas Bendtner: Precious Things


Image: AP Photo/Michael Probst.

Usually we love us some Nicky Bendtner – you know we do.

Usually, we have love for Nicky “No Pants” for the obvious reasons (general hotness, thighs of thunder, etc) and not so obvious reasons (tabloid consistency, designer gear and all around drinking professionalism). But there comes a point when we have to say, Stop.The.Madness.

We’ve been here before and didn’t believe it then, but low and behold, Bendy’s first jewellery collection – “N3″ – has become a reality. And it’s working our last Thursday afternoon nerve.

Have a look for yourself in our gallery section that’s nearly fixed (Hoo-rah!) and give us your thoughts. Does the ‘sparkly’ offset the random nature of Nicky’s latest project? Or are you going to have to schedule extra thigh-staring time into your already busy schedule, just to get over the gem shock?