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Michael Ballack & Rio Ferdinand: Captain Conundrums


You want the armband, short stuff? Come n’ geddit… Michael Ballack & Philipp Lahm consider their options. Images: Reuters, AP Photo via Daylife

As aficionados of unspoken conflict and passive aggressive posturing (the unfortunate aftermath of several Kickette team building weekends and designer outlet scrambles) we are watching with interest as the unresolved captaincy situations in the German and English NT’s gently but inexorably escalate.

Prior to the World Cup you may recall that both Michael Ballack and Rio Ferdinand suffered injuries that prevented them from captaining their sides in the tournament. While they recuperated, Philipp Lahm and Steven Gerrard took on the armbands and while England didn’t exactly flourish in South Africa, their recent form in the Euro 2012 qualifiers has cemented Gerrard’s reputation as a leader on the field.


Midweek Results: Good For You?


Things had got so bad in the French NT dressing room, Florent Malouda was prepared to sacrifice almost anything for the all important win. Image: Getty Images, Reuters via Daylife

All this international friendly/European qualifier shenanigans is playing merry hell with our sanity, Kickettes. To be quite honest we haven’t got a clue who’s playing who, for what reason and when this will all go away and we can return to our happy little world of short tents, toned torsos and the occasional league match, which we can peacefully enjoy with a large margarita and a bucket of nachos.

It’s all a little too much like work, y’know.


Weekend Results: Good For You?


Hands up who ordered two sweaty Spanish boys? Images: Reuters, Getty Images via Daylife

It’s Euro 2012 qualifiers, Kickettes! Admittedly we were taken a touch by surprise; the office diary ‘system’ having only just caught up the start of the new domestic season, but we’ve had our morning caffeine hit (or ten) and are feeling just about excitable enough to run through the results before we crash. Gah!


Mesut Ozil & Sami Khedira: Lost In Spain


Mesut Ozil releases his beast. Images: Getty Images via Daylife

When we saw this image of Mesut Ozil in training with new club Real Madrid a couple of weeks ago, we have to confess that once the initial squeaking had died down in the Kickette office, we were slightly bewildered.

As connoisseurs of footballing bodies, we are rarely exposed to tubby little torsos; something like this being rather more our in comfort zone.


Mr. & Mrs: Philipp Lahm Marries Claudia Schattenberg


Congratulations to German NT captain (for now, anyway), and Bayern Munich player Phillip Lahm!

He married his girlfriend Claudia today, in a two-part ceremony near Munich. Apparently, the tears were flowing during the civil ceremony, but it’s not clear whether they were from the bride, groom or Lahmy fangirls across Germany and beyond.

Claudia, as you may well know, used to work for Mercedes. That’s all we’ve got right now. That’s the extent of our research skills today, Kickettes. However, we are curious to know what our readers think of the new Mrs. Lahm’s dress?

PS: Philipp just pocketed €360,000 as his World Cup bonus. Now that’s some serious celebrating mon-ayz.