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World Cup Results: We’re Down To Four


In his hour of desperation, Paraguay’s Nelson Valdez remembers the Kickette laydeez. Image: Getty Images via Zimbio

It’s time to face the truth, Kickettes. We’re running out of football. Only three games remain before that yawning chasm that is the off-season opens up before us. Frankly, we’re nervy.

Our only consolation? After all this is over is we will pick ourselves up, pack our lotion, sunnies and industrial-size drum of vodka, before heading off to stalk football players across the globe as they attempt to have a peaceful, private holiday with their families.

In the meantime, please enjoy our thoughts on the feast of footie that was the WC quarter final matches from Friday and Saturday. Wooh hah!


WAGs At The World Cup: Germany


Image via Bild.de. Thanks E!

We know it’s early but the German WAGs are already putting up a ridiculous fight for the title of  “OTT Pack of Partners at the World Cup”.

GMen-sac, the security team the DFB (Ed Note: German equivalent of the FA) hired to keep watch of the players’ mates, were seen accompanying Mesut Özil’s girlfriend Anna Maria and Jerome Boateng’s partner Sherin last weekend. Apparently, Sarah Brandner was also there (but not pictured) and more WAGs are expected to fly in any day now to support their men when they face England on Sunday.

Not to play devil’s advocates, but…we know of three other occasions when a nation’s governing body provided support to the wives and girlfriends as they made there way to, or around, the World Cup. None of them ended well. The less sensational but most recent of the three wives’ tales involves Slovenia, whose WAGs were flown out ahead of the team so they could greet the players upon their Port Elizabeth arrival.

World Cup Hottie Hunting: Manuel Neuer, Germany


Image Credit: Michael Steele/Getty Images Europe

Yes, we have spotted this hottie before, but he is well worth another look.  At age 24, Manuel will only get better with age and since his position of choice is goalkeeper we reckon we’ll still be checking up on him from our wing of the Kickette nursing home many years from now.

Mario Gomez, Germany: (Quad) Biker Boy


One of our favourite German players, Mario Gomez, was out this weekend doing a little quad-biking macho manliness activity with the rest of the squad. Why quad bikes are such a turn-on to footballers we will never understand, but if Mario is happy, we’re happy.

Off The Market: Lukas Podolski To Marry Monika Pulchalski


Congratulations are in order for Germany’s Lukas Podolski, who has revealed that he proposed to baby mum/long-term girlfriend, Monika Pulchalski shortly before the World Cup.

Not familiar with the Köln forward? He likes posing with jungle cats, he likes posing with product in cologne ads, and posing whilst making us LOL.

In an interview a while back, Lukas mentioned that Monika makes sure to always have dinner on the table when he gets home. We’re sure he meant it in a sweet, non-caveman way.  Ahem.

A huge congratulations to Lukas and Monika! The wedding looks set to take place in the summer of 2011.

Side note: Please let’s all start adding a prayer for photos of little Louis as the ring bearer to our daily routines.

Link: Wedding Bells To Ring For Podolski