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Manuel Neuer: Got His Mind AND The Money


Boys, eh? Give them a football, they kick it. A water bottle, they spray it. An air-rifle… well, let’s not go there.

But sometimes, just sometimes, players exhibit a startling braininess. There was Clark Carlisle and his awesome ‘Countdown’ run. Frankie Lampard and his Latin GSCE. And the anonymous dude who keeps us guessing via his Guardian column entitled ‘The Secret Footballer’, to name but a few.


Midweek Results: Hot Boys & Hobo Chic


Presumably there will be consequences for Robbie Keane failing to return to LA Galaxy to prepare for the MLS Cup game on Sunday. We doubt he gives a crap, though. Image: Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images.

A bumper edition of results for you today, including the odd sneaky reference to games we *may* have neglected to cover at the weekend.


Weekend Results: Lunacy & Lessons Learned


Wow. JT’s only been benched for a game and already Frank has found a new BFF. Will his former bezzie cope? Image: Alex Livesey/Getty Images Europe.

Bad news. Due to a series of unexpected international friendly results at the weekend, the ‘Kickette Betting for Beverages’ budget has taken a massive hit.

That means that today’s editorial meeting will be fuelled by coffee. Not the morning mimosa mayhem we rely on.

We’re not optimistic as to the quality of our output today.


Lena Gercke: Sorry Luv, You’re In The Way


Image Credit: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Europe.

Sami Khedira girlfriend WAG GermanyAre we going to talk about how hot Sami Khedira’s squeeze Lena Gercke looked when she attended the ‘We Love Energy Fashion‘ night in Berlin on October 21st? No.

Are we going to speculate on how their relationship is going since we last saw them in August? Er… no.

Sorry. We’re totally and utterly distracted by the advert for ‘Sexergy Premium Energy Drink’ behind Lena’s left shoulder. What, in the name of all that’s holy, does that stuff taste like? What’s it for?

Should we get some for the office?

Mats Hummels: Hot In A Hat


Image taken 3.10.2011.

Although it seems Kickette is quickly turning into 1. the haterade water cooler 2. a war zone, it’s just an illusion.

Contrary to conspiracy theorists, we’ve been known to throw a compliment around from time to time. We’ve also been known to wear mismatching bras and panties six days out of seven. Unnerving stuff, we understand.

And even though the majority of what we say about men and style has little validity, the truth is we have a serious soft spot for ‘ballers who rock a head ornament. No, not the Petr Cech preventative type – although he does wear that helmet well. For us, our inner and outer cores melt like under-refridgerated JELL-O shots when confronted by a guy in a fitted hat. And the flatter the brim, the better.

So go on with your ball cap, Nutella-eating self, Mr Hummels. They both suit you and your mustachio bashio facial hair arrangement.