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Voukefala & Paleopyrgo: Greek Sponsorship Ingenuity At Its Finest


Image: AP Photo/Nikolas Giakoumidis.

UPDATE: Here’s a few Voukefalas players in their ‘Villa Erotica’ sponsored kits – just for funsies.

In more imaginative and original news, the economic crisis in Greece is apparently so bad that footy club Voukefalas has resorted to placing a local brothel’s ads on their kits (brothel’s estimated net worth: 2.4 million USD).¬†Speaking with NovaSport FM radio station, Voukefala president Giannis Batziolas joked that when the club’s execs relayed the peculiar partnership news to its players, they immediatedly “wanted to know about bonuses”.

Just kidding or not, if the ‘ballers weren’t saying it, they sure as hell were thinking it.

Meanwhile another club, Paleopyrgo, struck a deal with a local funeral home that will see players wearing blck shirts with a big cross in the middle.