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‘Baller Soap Operas: Royston Drenthe & His Phone A Friend


Real Madrid On loan Hercules

Images: PeriodistaDigital.com.

We’re hearing that on-loan-to-Hercules hero, Royston Drenthe, is caught in a tangled hook-up web that he potentially weaved. Apparently, the broad above left is a Brazilian babe he has a past with; however, we’re not sure if she was of the late-night or day time kind – or if this duo is actually still doing it.

Help us sort, Kickettes?


Man Love: Alan Smith Strokes Chicharito


We’ve only just stopped counting down the minutes until Alan Smith was back in the Premiership and now he’s attempting a cross-club bromance? Brilliant.

Well, it’s either that, or Smudger is comforting Javier through yet another waking nightmare about what Kickette HQ has planned for him. Hmm. Probably the latter.

The Hook Up: Gonzalo Higuain & Soledad Fandino


Let’s check in on the love-life of everyone’s favourite Argentinian glutes carrier, Gonzalo Higuain, shall we?

The above lady in the silver nightie from La Senza’s popular Space Skanks Collection is Soledad Fandino. She recently broke it off with her longtime beau, Nicolas Cabre, while Higi was rumoured to be steadily dating Luciana Salazar.

Although last Sunday Higuian took to the Argentinean airwaves and denied said love affair with silver nightie girl, the foreign tabs are insistent that this hook up is not only the real deal, but true love.  Knocking pins back together at a bowling alley in Plaza Serrano has that affect on people. *Eyeroll*

What is also uncertain is the vacation status of his booty shelf: some say he’s spending another week in Buenos Aires, while another outlet reports that this new duo is holed up at Hotel Riu Palace in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Either way, Higi is not with his Real Madrid teammates in Los Angeles – yet.

So what’s his new chick all about? Put it this way: the lead shot used above was one of the more demure shots we could find of Ms. Fandino.

We’ll keep you posted.

Rumour Control: Iker & Sara’s Engagement, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Waitress


Let’s address the two stories that are filling up our inboxes with panic, scorn, and scorn-filled panic. We must warn you though, you may not be satisfied by what we have to offer. If you’re looking for closure, you shan’t be getting it here.

Let’s start with the Pastasauce rumours of an engagement with the mighty Iker Casillas:


Well Suited: USMNT At The ESPY Awards


Image via Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America

When we first heard about the ESPY Awards, we lost hours of our lives thinking about how we could blag our way in and receive thousands of award-winning spa treatments. Then, (once sober), we realised we were confusing the American sports awards put on by ESPN with ESPA the beauty brand we want to marry. We know the difference now, and can say with authority that these two things are both fabulous, but completely unrelated.

Now on with the story. The ESPY Awards descended on Los Angeles last night and the USMNT was quite well-represented.

Landon Donovan was the winner of three ESPY awards: Best MLS Player, Best Performance Under Pressure, and Best Moment for his stoppage time goal against Algeria during the World Cup. In true team spirit fashion, all of the USMNT members in attendance took to the stage to accept the award for Best Moment. Here’s our top three observations from the show: