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Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Ashley Cole, knee deep in yet another text-sex tabloid-sell out extravaganza, was in Los Angeles this weekend. As you can see, he’s making friends with women with very impressive hair. (Let’s hope the horse she bought it from got paid well for the sacrifice.) He also made the acquaintance of a lady who didn’t seem to notice her shirt wasn’t covering what it needs to cover. What fun!

Let’s see what else went down over the weekend, shall we?


QOTD: Guti On His Single Status


“I’m not with Noelia, she is not my girlfriend. I am single, and only have a very good friendship with her. Everything people say from there, is all a lie. And I’m starting to get very tired…”

– The ever-outspoken Guti speaks on the media attention after being spotted cavorting on the beach with Noelia Lopez.

His answer could not have been more blunt, huh?

Image via Bellazon/Prisma/Êrogelio Pinate

Kickette Catch-Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Ex-Barcelona coach

Images via Hola! magazine, Getty Images, Boris Horvat/AFP.


- Ex-Barcelona coach, Frank Rijkaard, got married for the third time. To his kids’ nanny. Hmm…

- During the Netherlands v. Hungary friendly, Robin Van Persie nearly had his shirt ripped off to reveal…another shirt beneath it. So close, yet so far.

- Xabi Alonso is the ex that just won’t quit. Lately, he’s discussing his unrequited love for Stevie Gerrard, with hopes of undressing together once again.

- We also wasted an hour or so trying to figure out which ‘baller’s bubba most closely resembles “Juanito” (one of the top 12 worst World Cup mascots).

- Tottenham’s Luka Modric became a father. He was by the seaside in Zadar when wifey Vanja’s water broke, and he raced to Zagreb to be there in just time for the birth. Baby is a healthy little boy, but they’ve yet to decide on a name. Congrats!


Cristiano Ronaldo: Armani Upgrade?


What do Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk have in common, aside from their lucrative Armani contracts? They’ve (most likely) seen the inner workings of each others’ said designer delicates.

Word is traveling fast that Ronaldo has “dumped” Kim Kardashian’s derriere and was seen cavorting around Corsica with a Russian model last weekend. Airquotes are necessary since we do not sincerely believe Kim K. and C-ron were ever doing anything more than a horizontal shimmy. Plus, she slyly admitted last week that Ronaldo’s “a good guy” and “a good friend”.  To us, this is a stretch of her imagination.

So, what’s there to know about this hook-up? For starters, Irina tweeted about a trip to Italy on the 17th of May, which has given the ever-reliable Spanish press enough hearsay to claim Shayk’s identity with grainy picture certainty. Adding more fuel to the fire, three days later Ronaldo took a private helicopter from an undisclosed locale to join up with his national teammates in Portugal. Even Sherlock wouldn’t know what to make of this.


Federico Macheda: Man-Child Or Man And Child?


Kiko Macheda and baby

You read it here first, Kickettes.

Federico Macheda, he of 18 years of earth-walking experience, is a father. Although no details are available to confirm the 4 W’s and 1 H of this story, we do know the fresh-out-of-the-oven baby girl is named Natalya Stefani.

No, former fiancee Martina Minafra is not 50% responsible for this wee little tadpole’s creation. Her blissful period sadly ended almost as dramatically as it began. Recall: that this young couple’s run at glory began while canoodling in public. Around the same time that Macheda was rumoured to be dating Sophie Houghton.