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Did Wayne Bridge Hook Up With Kim Kardashian? – UPDATED


UPDATE: Kim’s latest tweet revealed a rather LOL-worthy response to the front page of The Sun. She asked, ‘Who the hell is Wayne Bridge?’

Gossip blogs in the States are buzzing with the news that Man City’s Wayne Bridge hooked up with Kim Kardashian when he was on his “getting over Vanessa” trip in Miami earlier this month. We’ve not heard anything solid our end, nor seen any photos, so take this with a gossip grain of salt.

We introduced you to Kim in our American WAGs Guide, but in summary, she gets naked, makes sex tapes, and has an inspirational bottom.

As we all know, Wayne’s been a single man for some time and Kim has just finished with New Orleans Saints player Reggie Bush. He’s the man that set our loins aflame back in 2007 when he appeared in an Adidas promo with David Beckham.

We’re actually going to put some mood lighting on and go back and watch that video another 50 times. You can join us, or just freak out at the thought of Wayne and Kim hooking up. It’s your choice.

Link: Kim Kardashian Reportedly Seeing Another Famous Dude

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Day Out: Nicklas Bendtner and Caroline Flemming


Most of our readers know we already have a soft spot for Arsenal’s Nicklas Bendtner. He’s young, parties appropriately (aka sans trousers) and his dimples give us the tizzies.

And after seeing this photo of him out in London last week with his girlfriend, Baroness Caroline Flemming, we’re even more convinced of his awesomesauceness.

Dating an older woman (who is completely minted in her own right), publically photographed holding hands and being chill about it, carrying the pram down the stairs (we can vouch) and kicking it with her kids?

We love everything about this hook up. Nicky, you’re the man.

Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet



Fernando Torres, the man that put the “phroar” in freckles, turned 26 this weekend. In honour of the sexy Spaniard’s big day, let’s all take a moment to reflect on what colour highlights we prefer with our Nando. We call these, “sunshine dreams”.  Happy birthday, Fern, and here’s wishing you a fantabulous year full of good hair days and epic bitchfaces. Nub nu!


Kickette Catch-Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


- In September there were whispers of a relationship between Nicklas Bendtner and telly presenter Caroline Fleming. For those in need, finally there is closure: the couple have made their public debut. Need a refresher on Ms. Fleming? She’s the baroness 13-years Nicky’s senior who once lived in a castle. Somewhere, Claudine Keane is plotting her next move.

- At Elton John’s Oscar party last weekend, Victoria Beckham apparently told a Daily Star reporter to get “sloshed on Elton’s free drink” before she fled the scene for Vanity Fair‘s bash. That’s the spirit(s)! While said reporter was miffed Mr. Beckham wasn’t present, he had probable reason to be absent. He was perfecting his Risotto, after all.

- A heavily-pregnant-and-going-to-pop-any-minute-now Carly Zucker passed the time on Saturday with a spot of shopping. Call us crazy but it seems shopping and somewhat doing her hair have quickly become two of her new favorite pastimes?


Gone Public: Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero


Spanish newsstands are no longer safe. Tabloids in the country’s capital are caught in a big tizzy over the recent discovery of Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero’s impressive public kiss.

We’re not surprised about the passionate embrace, either, since he was once known to hug and cuddle David Beckham with the same (or more) tender love and care.