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La Liga: Gossip Round Up


What’s the latest from the wonderful world of La Liga?

Surprisingly, the breaking story that Xabi Alonso (Real Madrid) drinks his tea faster than his (equally hot) brother, Mikel Alonso Olano (Tenerife) is not the only news you need to know about.


Did Wayne Bridge Make The Right Decision?


Wayne Bridge has announced he is quitting the England squad. Everyone’s talking about it.

But we have yet to hear from the most influential demographic in football today: Kickettes, of course!

Below we outline the two prevailing views, handily condensed so you can read them over a coffee and maybe even a tiny little muffin. Then, wipe the crumbs off your desk, make your decision and state your position, people! READ MORE

Serie A: Gossip Round Up


It’s been awhile since we caught up with all the vowels in the English alphabet, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to dish out some thorough reading material covering all the recent Serie A silliness, scandals and not-so-secret smooching sessions.

Two cappuccinos and a jar of Nutella are must-haves to get through all this juicy stuff:


Say What? Frank Lampard v. Christine Bleakley


You know the scene well: after some summer lovin’ and sad goodbyes, Sandra Dee and Danny part ways. When they bump into each other by surprise at school a few weeks later, Danny plays it cool ‘cuz the T-birds are a step up from the Pink Ladies.

Or something like that. This whatchamacallit has happened so fast our mascara hasn’t even had the proper time to set without clumping.

Frank Lampard declared he’s a single man over the weekend much to the suprise of Christine Bleakley. Either they’re friends with benefits or she is having quite the enjoyable imaginary relationship.

A summary of their statements to cast your opinions is below.

Fact or Fiction: The Love Life of Iker Casillas


Image via AP Photo

Let’s address the Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas relationship talk.

First, we need to say that Sara strikes us as that girl we all knew at school. The rail thin one that swears she doesn’t deprive herself of food. The girl that’s class president who also wants to be the yearbook editor while organizing the senior prom. So before we continue, let’s all roll our eyes as the boys fawn all over her.

(Is it obvious that she grates on our nerves a tad?)

So, we’re having some difficulty evaluating the validity of certain statements in the press about the pair. Especially those supposed Iker utterances. Ya know, the “woman of my life” ones?

(And lest we forget, the the foreign press slammed Iker’s lack of persuasion power when it was rumoured Sara had “chosen” another, older man at the Real Madrid goalkeeper’s expense.)

Here’s what we know and what we call suspect on: