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The Infidelity Files: Mario Balotelli


Really, how many times can we pull out the thesaurus to find a different way to say “love rat” and “man whore”?  We’ve reached synonym burnout when it comes to Mario Balotelli’s love of keeping a bevy of ladies on the down low.

Over the course of the past year or so, we’ve been privy to details concerning the Man City star’s dining style, affection for fancy dress parties (dressing for them, not going to them), 12 hour private tours and hooker habits.

The latest? Throughout the last 18 months or so, MB was cheating on Raffaella Fico with that chick from the Euros. You know the rest.

We, perhaps more than others, enjoy the potential daddy-to-be‘s playboy image – think it suits with all the flash and stuff. But yeesh, could you just keep your pants on and stay inside for a weekend? Maybe five?

And what of poor Lauren Thorne? She didn’t even get her 15 minutes in the sun before getting kicked to the kerb by several pairs of perspex platform shoes. Even Holly Henderson achieved more than that.

Lazy Links & Randoms


Iker Muniain looks how we feel. Image: The Denim Kit via David de Gea’s twitter.

We’ve been inspired (or de-spired) by all the ‘ballers on breaks as of late, so Kickette HQ is spending what’s left of our American holiday at spa-filled pastures new. Due to insane time zone differences and not wanting to get salt scrub in our iPhones, our normal posting schedule will resume on Monday.

Have a great weekend, Kickettes!


Mario Balotelli: Paternity Test, Please!


Image: Quink Facebook.

We’ve been looking for a perfectly good reason to publish this relevant interpretation of the popular ’90s game “Guess Who?”, and thanks to the comments Super Mario recently made via the press, we finally have one.


Welcome To The Club: Amra Silajdzic


Image: AmraSilajdzic.com.

The course of love doth runneth so quickly around football’s inner circles, and again, the time has come to welcome a new WAG to the club.

Manchester City footballerWhat’s the skinny on Edin Dzeko’s current girlfriend, Amra Silajdzic? Hailing from the same Bosnian hometown of Sarajevo that Edin does, Amra’s a HOW OLD model/actress (bit parts) currently living in Los Angeles. We’re convinced she has a conditioner-applier at her beck and call out in Cali. Ms Silajdzic also has about 80 million fan club sites set up on the net – including this creepy wiki page dedicated to her feet – so if anyone speaks/reads Bosnian and can give us the inside from that angle, feel free to contact our uni-lingual selves asap.

Not a lot to go on, Kickettes, but oh well. It’s humpday and we’re barely coping. Putting Amra to the population here: do you approve of the newest WAG to arrive on Man City’s scene?

Dating: Thomas Vermaelen & Polly Parsons


english premier league wag welcome the club

Images: Getty; Google.

We’re really not happy to say this on today of all days, but according to Peter Andre, Arsenal’s Thomas Vermaelen is dating his mate, the Real Hustle presenter Polly Parsons.

Psquared – who was previously engaged to Sid Owen of EastEnders - first met the 26-year-old Belgian defender at a surprise party for his team-mate, Robin van Persie. By mid month last month rumours swirled about the pair steadily seeing one another, but alas, we can now confirm Peter and Polly are as desperate for publicity as Kerry Katona and David Gest.