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Available: Yoann Gourcuff


imageSweet merciful relief: Yoann Gourcuff is still single.

Remember the model, Marie Steiss, that he was spotted with in New York City? Apparently, the massive global furore over their hook up has resulted in more details coming out about their dinner date.

The pair share a solicitor, Ma

Gone Public: Christoph Metzelder and Marie Wellman


imageEarlier this week we speculated that Real Madrid’s Christoph Metzelder was dating Marie Wellman, a German public relations gal with a serious head of hair.

Looks like they’re out and proud – they were photographed together at Berlin Fashion Week in cuddle mode.

The German media has gone all a buzz about their boy Metze, (who plays for the German NT), being all loved up.

Apparently they’ve also done a Metzelder family visit; looks like the real deal to us.

Here’s to gainfully employed women and the footballers who love them!

Cheers L!

Cougarville: Darius Henderson Dating Ana Obregon



Sheffield United striker Darius Henderson, who is twenty-seven, is dating Ana Obregon, a Spanish actress in her mid-fifties.

Ana’s recently gone public about the relationship, admitting they share a “special friendship”.

She says theirs is a romance based on non-knowledge: she didn’t realise he was a young footie player with the Blades and he didn’t realise she was a former actress turned cougar. Their ignorance turned to bliss after they spent a few days together in Ibiza.

Although Darius and his abs are fabu, there is one thing about him that bothers Ana: his name, which is similar to her ex, Darek, (whom Ana wanted to sue for E60,000.)

It doesn’t matter why. Really.

One thing is for certain: although this couple is clearly at the knocking boots stage of the game, marriage is an absolute no for Ana should things get serious.  “I have never liked weddings. When I had to act like a fiancee or bride on film, and had to put myself in that dress, I had a panic attack that nearly drowned me.“ 

Random: Ana once was involved in a cat fight with Victoria Beckham after Posh got sick of Ana constantly yammering on about David (and their no-chance-it-ever-happened alleged hookup) in the Spanish press.

Hook Up: Yoann Gourcuff and Marie Steiss



It must have been that in a former life we were the type to wear flat shoes. And now we’re being punished.

We’ve been in New York City for 48 hours and have already had our hearts broken by the news that our finest five number 3 footballer, Yoann Gourcuff, is also in our favourite city. And he’s making kissy faces with his new girlfriend, model Marie Steiss. We’ve almost lost the will to stalk, dear readers.

Marie is no ordinary model either. Aside from being French (which automatically makes her at least 48% more chic than the rest of us), she is the daughter of Dominique de Villepin, the former French Prime Minister. One would have to assume she’s well-educated, cultured and nice to sit next to at a dinner party.  Marie’s the real deal model-type too, doing catwalks and campaigns for Krizia and Givenchy.

Let us take a moment of silence to reflect on happier moments while we deal with this very challenging time.

thanks D!

Expecting: Deco and Ana Paula



imageChelsea player Deco’s girlfriend, Ana Paula, is three months pregnant with their first son.

Granted, they’ve only known each other a year, but hey, when a man’s already got 4 children with two other women, why wait?

We should congratulate with more enthusiasm, but something feels icky about offering kudos to a man who just divorced his second wife in February. You do the math.

FYI: The pair are on holiday in Ibiza.

Chelsea gals, how do you feel about Deco wanting to make a move?