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Dating: Wesley Sneijder and Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen



The Dutch tabloids have been all in a tizzy about Real Madrid’s Wesley Sneijder hooking up with model Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen. Rumours have been flying of late, but no one was able to drum up any substantial details about the couple.

Until… a handy dandy little security camera caught them in Amsterdam having a full blown early stage relationship make out sesh. (Watch the video here.)

Wes and Yol were busted in a car park, which they arrived at in Yolanthe’s long-term (ex?) boyfriend, Jan Smit’s car. (Jan’s a famous Dutch singer.) 

Jan and Yolanthe have since confirmed via a “jointly written” press release that they are no longer an item.

Alrighty. So, what do we need to know about the lady with the longest name in WAG history?


Public Debut: Elen Rives and Lawrie Wilson



Lessons learned from Elen Rives in the face of a breakup with your long term partner Frank Lampard:

1. Smiling blissfully comes easy when you’re with a boy twelve years your junior;
2. Smiling blissfully also comes in knowing that the many photos of you publicly cuddling up to a new guy will make your ex’s head explode;
3. Footballers are like custard creams. You know you should only have one. But once you start, they’re so addictive you can’t stop until your cup of tea is awash with nasty floating bits of squidgy bits.

This last lesson went slightly askew, but the point we’re making is that Elen’s new man is a footballer. They are obviously so hard to shake from the system.  His name is Lawrie Wilson, and he plays for Stevenage Borough.

He’s twenty-two. Elen is thirty-four.

Interesting that Elen went for someone so young and from a fifth tier club, no?

Also interesting: that the paparazzi just happened to stumble across Elen and Lawrie whilst out on a date too.

Link: Chelsea FC Star Frank Lampard’s Ex Fiancee…

Quote of the Day: Gemma Atkinson on Maradona



“He said I had beautiful eyes and I was like, ‘Wow thanks,’ but he’s so short, he’s tiny…

I saw him at this charity match so I went up to him and asked for a picture and an autograph. He was really nice guy but he was very short.”

–Gemma Atkinson, when asked about the most famous person that she’s rejected.

Freeness: Win Tickets to D.C. United’s Ladies Night



Hi. My name is Chris Pontius. I’m looking deep into your soul right now. Wanna make out? Image via DC United.

You gotta love the boys from MLS.

In the past, the stellar lads at D.C. United have proven their willingness to play along with our games. They’ve proven their ability to kick a ball whilst looking attractive. Now? They’re holding an event in Washington on May 9, called Ladies Night, where you can mingle with the players, eat mini-sized party food, buy jewellery, drink wine and get manicures.

We’re not done. We can confirm that there will be a chocolate fountain on premises.

Who came up with this concept? We want to have their babies.

Anyhoo, we’ve got two tickets to this fantabulous event to give away to our readers.

UPDATE: Winner has been notified. Check your email!

A few crucial details: You must be 18 years of age or older, and you must be able to get yourself to Washington, DC (or live there already.)

It would also be nice if you brought a camera and documented everything that occurs that night, up to and possibly including your arrest.

To win, drop us an email (via our contact form above) with the answer to this question: What position does Chris Pontius play?

Contest closes at 5pm EST on Friday May 1st.

More info: Hot 99.5 Ladies Night

Lazy Links and Randoms



This photo of Iker Casillas doing something, somewhere in a bad jacket with a chin and profile of physical superiority is via Real Madrid’s Official Site. Remind us again why you’re not registered and blazing through their photo galleries? Unless you’re scheduled for immediate surgery, you have no excuse.

Frank Lampard’s recent social sked: Exits club after hours with randoms avoiding cameras; hits another club night with Saskia in tow; out last night with a blonde, singer James Blunt’s sister. Have the fair-haired finally broken through to the land of Lamps?

Michael Carrick does charity work with some of Britain’s young disabled athletes.

Victoria Beckham’s first ever photoshoot involves quite a bit of side-boob.

In the mood to party with footballers tonight? The Manchester City boys are having a shindig at 33 Peter Street tonight. Break out your best pulling pants and charge the battery on your mobile phone.  Just don’t tell anyone we sent you. Whoops. Never mind.

Video: Patrice Evra and Carlos Tevez surprise Ji-sung Park with a birthday cake. FYI, we’re crushing hard on Evra. So much so that we would actually consider a Mandatory Triple Challenge situation with Carlos. Help us.