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Fling-thing: Iker Casillas and Ariadne Artiles



Hmm. We seemed to have missed the 40 second window of stalking time available when Real Madrid’s Iker Casillas was single.

Our favourite keeper recently broke up with his long-term (and often on-again-off-again) girlfriend, Eva Gonzales. Now the Spanish tabloids are reporting that he is dating Ariadne Artiles,  who has just been divorced from hubby Fonsi Nieto, a Spanish Superbike racer.

Apparently, the two spent new year’s together and spent many wondrous moments of blah blah blah in each other’s company.

We have yet to see photographic evidence of the pair together, so we will remain neutral.  Also, although she travels to Spain frequently, Ariadne lives and works as a model in New York. In that case, perhaps she falls into the over-populated field of hook-up booty rather than serious relationships. That’s what our Magic WAG-ball is telling us, anyway.

We’ll keep you posted.

Link: Ariadne Artiles Official Site

Flashback 2008: A Summer of Snark



The story of summer ‘08 goes to Cristiano Ronaldo’s official dumping of Nereida Gallardo, a day everyone at Kickette had been hoping, praying and taking bets for.  Nereida attempted to cling on to her 15 minutes of fame, but C-Ron was over it and headed to Cali, where he then continued to damage our hearts and minds by sunbathing his skin to levels of terracotta never before seen by man.  He also hooked up with some randoms, which gave us some reassurance that someday things would return to normal. Nereida attempted to save face and failed.

Unsurprisingly, much of our coverage over the July and August period focused on the gazillions of footballers on holiday:

imageBastian Schweinsteiger enjoyed a spot of belly dancing whilst on vacay with Sarah;

Sergio Ramos and his golden trunks of glory hit Marbella, and Peter Crouch took Abbey Clancy to Ibiza;

The seriously attractive Maldini family hit Miami and NYC, Cesc and Carla went west for some adventures with Disney;

The Van der Sars soaked up the culture in Bangkok,Fernando Torres and Olalla worked on their tans in Miami beach,  A recuperating Eduardo chilled out and Francesco Totti impressed us with his poolside player skills;

Christian Vieri showed off his beach bod in Italy, Louise and Jamie Redknapp relaxed in Sardinia, Harry Kewell and Sheree Murphy braved the desert heat in Vegas and Claude Makelele and Noemie Lenoir were spotted in NYC.

The weddings continued: Niko Kranjcar did the deed *sniffle*, Michael Ballack made an honest woman of Simone (they honeymooned in the Balearics), Cristian Chivu got married with only one functioning arm, and Yakubu tied the knot in his native Nigeria;

imageIt wasn’t all happy times, though.  We were confused by Thierry Henry’s shirt-tie, Cheryl Cole’s red boots hurt our brains and Carly Zucker’s sandals mullered our happy thoughts.  Also, we had a fashion retrospective of Elen Rives, which is never easy to deal with.  Our crush on Aitor Ocio was short-lived. Thierry Henry’s divorce started looking like it could get messy, and Michael Chopra went through a rough patch with his wife Heather.

The Kickette army weighed in on what they thought of the young Josip Tadic, and gave their opinions on sexy short footballers and footballer threesomes with a twist;

And, last but not least, we got the giggles over Chelsea’s arrival in China and the Spanish NT’s continuing Euro celebrations.

It was an absolutely fabulous summer, and we loved spending it with you, dear readers.

2008 Flashback: WAG Debuts and Debate



April was a very busy month for both WAG and baller shenanigans, and the Kickette army was out in full force making their opinions heard as well:

Romance hit a bit of a rough patch. Ashley Cole admitted that he cheated on Cheryl Cole, and Whatsherface made her official public debut with Cristiano Ronaldo. Her sparkling diamond “C7” earrings twinkled in our nightmares for months to come.  This post also sparked a brilliantly entertaining fantasy wedding discussion in the comments section that we’ve never forgotten;

We watched Coleen Rooney take her 40th vacation of the year, debated the sizzle factor of Phillipe Senderos and our obsession with Carly Zucker’s hair continued;

Alex Gerrard spent the day at Aintree fully bouffed, ruffled and ready for action – inspired, we broke down the WAG way to stylize at the races;

We never did find out what caused that interesting bruise on Elen Rives’s face, nor what gave Michael Ballack such a heightened reaction on the pitch;

Style-wise, Victoria Beckham’s Marc Jacob adverts gave us the hump, Man Utd had a night out doing the denim and trainer combo we all know and love; Chelsea also did the same but added some leather to the mix;

We discussed the popularity of footie slash fiction on the internet and learned how many of our readers had a secondary team they supported; and

We were thrilled to have the fabulous ladies of Go Fug Yourself exclusively guest post their fashion analysis on Abbey Clancy, Alex Gerrard and Elen Rives with hilarious results.

Side note: All this reminiscing is making us rather emotional, Kickettes. We have truly had a wonderful year with all of you and we can’t wait to do it again in 2009. Thank you for being such a wonderful audience and for all your support this year!

Gemma Atkinson: Exiting the Club



image via WENN

Well, we never saw this coming.

No, seriously – we had put our money on Gemma Atkinson’s relationship with Marcus Bent (a story we exclusively broke in 2007) being the real thing and going the distance.

Or, at least making it through Christmas and New Years – because everybody knows you hang on in there until after you’ve collected all of the pressies, and grin and bear it all the way to the New Year’s Eve party where you’re hell bent on finding someone newer, richer and cuter to kiss at midnight, but relieved to at least have the old annoying one booked as backup lips. The next morning is when you change the locks and book a shagtastic trip to Ibiza.

Or maybe that’s just us.

Anyhoo, reports have it that Gemma was the one to instigate the breakup; apparently the pair have been drifting apart since their engagement two months ago.

‘She’s obviously upset by what has happened, but she just wants to move on,’ said an insider. ‘She’s determined to concentrate on her career now.’

When will those pesky “insiders” realise that serial-dating footballers is a full-time career? In the meantime, Gemma can be found performing panto at the Opera House in Manchester through to January 4.

Link: Gemma Splits with Fiance

Off Pitch Exploits: Good Week/Bad Week




Kudos to the booking editors at women’s magazines in Spain. First, an insanely delicious Marie Claire photo shoot featuring Iker Casillas hit the shelves last month (sadly, not shelves in any newsagent within 1,000 miles of our hot little hands), and now our F5 number one is on the January cover of Elle magazine, looking fabulously dapper and debonair.  We could do without the head- resting- on- chest and fingers- caressing- lapel action of smug Little Miss Lucky Pants, though.

Garden centres are enjoying a boost in their revenues after Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly spent over £6,000 on creating a Christmas grotto for his mansion in Cheshire - we’re talking thousands of twinkly lights, a 6 ft tree in every room – it’s tinsel’s greatest dream come true. In other C-Ron seasonal sweetness, after finding out about a young Portuguese player named Joao Santos auctioning off a pair of the Man Utd star’s boots to earn money for a knee operation, Cristiano stepped in and paid for the op as well as a rehabilitation program.