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C + N: Smootchy Smootchy



Looks like things are still on for Cristiano Ronaldo and Nereida, then.

Either that or Cristiano really needs to trim that mustache.

We’re over it in terms of dealing with the possibility that C-Ron might really be in love this time around, and are spending our downtime wondering what specific skills Ms Gallardo is displaying/using/owning in order to keep everyone’s favourite bachelor playboy on lock. 

Perhaps she’s a Wii bad ass? Maybe she makes a mean spag bol.  That must be it.  Right? Yes? Anyone?

Gone Public: Cristiano and Whatsherface



images courtesy of EMPICS/KEYSTONE Press

They’ve officially gone public, C-Ron fans. 

Cristiano Ronaldo and Nereida Gallardo headed arm in arm to La Vina in Alderley Edge last night.

Cristiano didn’t seem terribly thrilled to have the paparazzi on full click, but we’re sure he got over it by going home and having lots of sex.  What a trooper.


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If you’re still exiting a nightclub using your feet, you’re obviously of the steerage class. Please, take inspiration from Mr. Pidgeley and his unfortunately stretched Calvins. Walking is for suckers.

Cheryl Cole is “available”. At least she is in the new Black Eyed Peas video.  A cheeky sense of humour, or is this the end for her and Ash? Also, how uncomfortable does everyone look watching CC “break it down”? Image thanks to our main squeeze, Matt.

Winners of the ICON comp, you have been emailed… check your inboxes.

Coleen McLoughlin as Audrey Hepburn. No, really. They’re like, fashion icon twins, seperated at birth. And by several decades. And actual style.

We want to stop reporting on Jermain Defoe’s love life. We really do. But we keep typing and linking. It’s a sickness and we need help. But before we seek it, we’ll let you know he’s hooked up with BB “star” Aisleyne. We’re going to quit now, really.

Hook Ups: Cristiano and Nereida



Is this Cristiano Ronaldo’s new hottie of the month?

The tabloids are a buzz of late with tales of C-Ron and Nereida Gallardo making the magic happen.  Nereida is a 24-year-old from Mallorca who has apparently been flying over to stay with Cristiano three times a week for fun and Ronaldo-flavoured festivities.  Granted, the red top that is breaking this story is the NoTW, so reliability may not be a top priority on this, but let’s all play along anyway.

Nereida has been spotted in the stands sitting with Nuno, Cristiano’s cousin – who C-watchers mistakenly assumed were dating each other.

And thus, like the sands of the hour glass, the revolving door of ladies in Cristiano’s life continues.  Buh bye, Carolina Patrocinio, we barely knew ye, nor care about ye.

Image: Solarpix.  Cheers to the many readers who sent us this story!

Lazy Links and Randoms



Rio Ferdinand looks set to become a father again. According to the NOTW, his fiancée, Rebecca, is four months along. Then again, the paper calls her ‘Rachel’ in their brilliantly fact-checked article. The pair already have a son, Lorenz, born in July 2006.

Jessica Brinton gives an insider’s view on Alex Curran and Liverpool Fashion Week.

Jens Lehmann gets in a fight with the paparazzi outside Embassy in London. Also at Embassy that night: Charlotte Mears. Zzzz.

Cheryl Cole gets well fugged.

A Kickette commenter gets quoted in the Independent’s story about Roy Keane’s hotness. Nice one, Ally!

New couple on the scene: Micah Richards is dating Coronation Street star, Helen Flanagan. Apparently after they met at a party he bombarded her with texts until she agreed to go out with him. Or, possibly he just showed her his abs and she immediately acquiesced.