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French Kissing: Olivier Giroud & Mathieu Debuchy


Romance was in the air during Wednesday’s France vs Germany friendly alright. Hey guys, how about a menage a trois? Oui? Image via A cause des Garcons.

Anders Lindegaard & Missé Beqiri: Dating Or Just Digitally Dabbling?


Image: Sporten.dk.

This is Missé Beqiri and these are her extremely not safe for work “girls”. We’re particularly impressed by her ability to smoke a cigarette with one hand and no bra.

If those perky things didnt get your attention maybe this will: she’s a Swedish model who is said to be dating Manchester United’s Danish backdoor bad boy keeper, Anders Lindegaard.

As far as we can tell, Missé doesn’t seem to have the same loose morals and questionable standards that we often look for in WAGs or strive to possess ourselves. That’s without taking into account her plethora of nudie shots and the inevitable paralysis of our pupils had we actually looked through her nipples’ entire portfolio, though.


Kickette Catch Up: Your Holiday Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Stephen Ireland wouldn’t dare forget to bring his snakeskin pants to Ronaldinho’s next pyjama party…would he?

If you think this is good, just wait.

It gets better.


Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


frank lampard john terry old coach

Carlo Ancelotti and his possible new mystery girlfriend in Venice. Image Credit: Repubblica.it.

- He’s 52-years-old and hails from Italy, was unceremoniously sacked from Chelsea after winning the double and his personal life rivals a good daytime soap opera. But we still love us some Carlo Ancelotti, despite his new unidentified Jerry Hall look-alike-from-afar new gal pal that he was papped all around Venice with.

-Our vote is for Tottenham having a Christmas party, if that counts for anything (it probably doesn’t).

- Does this mean a move to Paris and Ligue 1 is back ‘on’ for the Beckhams?


Andy Carroll & Lukasz Fabianski: Push Button Beaus


YouTube Preview Image

PS – we just realised Brooksy caught wind of this a whole day before we did. But who cares ‘cos sharing is caring!

We’ve watched many a young child tackle the button pressing bonanza that is FIFA 12, but we’ve never seen a controller combination cause this to happen.

Have you?


Thought not. But while you’re reaping the benefits that pixellated players bring to your life, spare a thought for Fabs. He got carted off during Arsenal’s 3-1 defeat to Olympiakos last night, after picking up a knee injury in a collision with Thomas Vermaelen.

We think even he would agree that picking up Andy Carroll in the penalty area is preferable.